SwanCon 18 – Progress Report 0 – Part 2

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin on page 3 with the Chairthing’s Thing.

Well, hello there, and welcome to SwanCon 18, the NatCon for 1993.

Now, how do you walk the fine line between having the same cons that we always had and loved, and doing something adventurous and weird? Give up? Easy. You don’t walk it. You do both.

So SwanCon 18 will try to do both. That’s for starters. Personally, I’d like to see a recreational computing workshop, mit maschinen, yet – ghod knows we have the expertise around the place. The Grey Company will probably demonstrate some unusal uses for a falchion. Lots more. The emphasis, as usual with a SwanCon, is doing it. But we hope to have the best video programme ever at a NatCon, as well.

The ConCom are experienced, competent people. The hotel is perfect for our purposes, and I think it’s a real plus that we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. A party wing and a non-party wing, both separated from the Con facilities. Open all the time (except, of course, when being set up for a specific item.) Fan Lounge ditto. Pub next door, but separate. Swimming pool. Barbecues in the grounds overlooking the beautiful Swan River – barbecue packs sold, cheap. Coffee/tea urn all the time. We have negotiated a cheap buffet lunch/dinner – the one drawback of this location is that there are no fast food outlets within a couple of blocks. The prices will be kept really low, and we already have a firm price on the room rates. But the space is limited to forty rooms (that’s all there is, folks) and if you want a room in the Con hotel, you will have to book early. Please note, SwanCon 18 has reserved the entire place. What with the lowered air fares, this will be the best time ever to travel west, and this Con a great occasion to do it.

Here endeth page 3

[transcription, Chris Creagh]

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