WASFA News #2 – 18 June 1977

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. One sheet of foolscap paper, single-sided. Typed, two columns, with horizontal rules between items.

We are on the SF map. Leigh Edmonds gave us about a quarter of a page in FANEW SLETTER EIGHTY this month.

The WASFA magazine REFLECTIONS is being delayed by purely technical reasons in the printing stage (the cheque did not go through because it had the wrong signature on it). By the time it comes out the price will have gone up. Contributions are urgently needed for issue 2 ( send to David Underwood XXB, XXXXXX Street, XXXXXXX, XXXX).

On the right is the Reflections logo, a dark swan on top facing left with its beak facing forward, with a white outlined swan below reflecting the dark one, also facing to the left but with its beak over its back.

Woe to all who missed the extraordinary meet at S & D’s on the 10th. Most of the Group were there (with beer, orange juice and even wine) and we had three hours of useful intercourse (!who said THAT!).

The old venue (always makes me think of restaurants) was claustrophobic, people said, and we should move elsewhere. Zyg raised the point that we lost a prospective member (and possibly two) partly because of the Old Place. Melville Civic Centre was suggested as worth investigating (since it has a useful pub on hand for after hours conversing).

The other point was to bring some purpose to our regular, ordinary meetings, wherever they may be held (absence of purpose, along with claustrophobia induction, was cited as cause enough not to join, never again to return, by our lost prospectee). As a start we agreed that on the next meeting (this meeting) we would discuss, among other things, Isaac’s robot stories – principally THE REST OF THE ROBOTS, and John is going to lead off with a review (aren’t you, John). Hence woe to all who missed the chance to object.

Zyg can get hold of several 15 minute (8mm) excerpts from Planet of the Apes as well as cartoons for $2 each, and suggests it would be a good idea to run them at our regular meetings.

The next meeting will be on the 9th July, and it is proposed that we have it at S & D’s (XXB, XXXXXX Street, XXXXXXX, XXXX). The following meeting is on the 30th July, and the venue is not fixed yet.

If the association does move to a new regular venue then the library will need to be rehoused. Maureen, our librarian, has offered to do this. Or, as an alternative, Zyg suggests keeping the books in suitable containers and bringing them along to each meeting.

Has anyone seen ALGOL lately? From now on ALGOL will be buying material only from people who have been published before. I would consider that a case of unhealthy discrimination, and as such deserves to be left on the shop shelves.

The bottom of the page has a line drawing of what looks like some giant marbles near some lighthouses (3) retreating into the distance

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