Report on Waycon ’79 – PART TWO: THE CON – Sunday

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. All typographical idiosyncrasies duly maintained.
This is following from Report on Waycon ’79 – PART TWO: THE CON – Saturday.

SUNDAY. Dolores stayed home. I arrived after 11:00 but the Auction was still going strong. I apparently missed the best part which was Tony’s auctioneering. Ian kept books moving out though, aided by Bob.

The panel on “The Future Of Space Flight” was transferred to the 2:30 spot in place of “S.F. and The Media” which was running short of prepared panelists.

At lunchtime Tony asked me if I was going home for lunch, i.e. past his place. He said that getting out there was no problem as Gloria was leaving about then but he’d no way to get back. I said I’d not planned to go home but I’d be delighted to have lunch with him. If turned out that Leigh and Valma would come along too so we had a great drive out to Tony’s. It was on this trip that I told Leigh about my ideas for Perth to bid for the National Convention next year and also for a train to be booked for Eastern State folks to get here in, thus instituting a “Train-Con”. Leigh had a lot of interesting ideas on all that and we discussed it in detail before eating. It was a very relaxing salad lunch and we got to know each other a little more. We talked about food (healthy), homes and cats. We also discovered that Leigh was going to be late for his speech at 1:30. As we roared back in the Limosine (my dirty little Corolla) Leigh and Valma filled us in on some East Coast gossip and what I heard made me decide for sure to sell out on my Eastern Connections and work for the West Coast Mob.

At 2:00 Leigh started his speech by announcing that he’d already given the first half in my car on the way back to the Con. He went on to give a great casual talk and then mentioned the 1980 A-Con bid. The general consensus from East Coast Fans was that they were going to report on how much they’d enjoyed WAYCON. It seemed we would be a popular bid.

The “Future of Space Flight” panel got under way late. On it was: Jason Cooper, Roy Ferguson, Ian Nichols (Chair), Caroline Strong, and Warren Hughes. It was a dynamic affair with lots of idea work and interest value.

As the S.F. Quiz had not received much response it was moved to Monday. In its place we showed a Super-8 film, the Channel 7 Young Film Maker’s Award Winner: ‘Voyage Of The Ark’. Made by the South Fremantle Senior High School 4th year students, it was worth seeing. Model animation, though obvious, was clever.

Dinner came next and after that, when we came to show the films, we found we had to move upstair into the corridor as the main hall lacked a late licence! We only had time for two films, “Doctor Strangelove Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb’ (“Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here, this is the War Room! – President Muffley to Russian Ambassador and General Turgidson.) and ‘The Rise And Rise of Michael Rimmer’ (“Scored more Polling fatalities than Yodie” – The Gonzo Journalists’ Review). Putting the projection gear to one side Bob and I spent a while worrying about a missing film, which eventually turned up so Bob turned in. I left soon after, pausing only for a short discussion on education with Valma, and gave Paul Presbury (our “in the pocket” policeman) a lift home on my way.

(To be continued – Final part – Monday)

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