WASFA News #1 — 28 May 1977

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge. One sheet of paper, single-sided. Typed, two columns, with horizontal rules between items.

WASFA has a newly elected president: psychologist Sally underwood, our former president having to step down due to pressure of outside work. It is hoped that the current poster campaign to increase membership will get results soon.

Meetings of the association are held on each 3rd. Saturday starting at 7pm. The next two meetings will be held on 18th June and 9th July, held at the usual place – 93 Hertha St. Osborne Park.

Raffles have been successfully held on the past two meetings. The money is being used to buy records of SF writers reciting their own work and from the first raffle the record Gravely Robert Bloch was purchased.

Slowly, perhaps, but still progressing is the work to plan the next W.A. SF convention – provisionally scheduled for the long weekend of the 8th, 9th and 10th of October, this year.

The first issue of the WASFA magazine


is nearing the printing stage. It will cost 50 cents a copy and – all things being kind to it – will reappear in a few months in the guise of a second issue. The first issue is mostly stencil, and thus little art work, but that may change soon. All contributions of quality to the editor David Underwood 21 B Seaview street, Beaconsfield 6162.

The following is a listing of the addresses of secondhand bookshops dealing in science fiction. Any omissions may be remedied in the next news letter if the information is passed on.

THE MAGIC EYE, corner of Francis and William street (by Lovecraft)

ELIZABETHS, The Broadway, Nedlands

STRAND ARTS-TAROT, Market St, Fremantle

ROWS opposite S.E.C building, Wellington St, Perth

Kalamunda Shopping Centre Book Exchange

Drycleaners/bookshop near traffic lights at Walcott and Beaufort St. (75 Walcott St)

Kearns Crescent (near Canning Bridge) Applecross

Target shopping centre, Morley

Centerpoint ”           ”   , Midland

Mends street somewhere

Off Rokeby Rd. by the corner with Jackson’s Drawing Supplies

The DOWN TO EARTH bookshop in Hay Street has offered to order SF books to add to its small but growing selection. They say they need to know which ones are in demand. It is probable that they could obtain books by publishers not normally handled by the larger bookshops

This section is not typed; rather, it is hand-“written” using a pen through a letter stencil.

out of the gloom a voice said
unto me “smile & be happy
things could be worse”

so i smiled and was
happy and things
did get worse

In production at the moment is a cartoon story for the clubzine. It is written by Andrew Harvey and arted by Bob McGough. It’s a quarter finished and promises to be long enough for someone to make a separate publication. If someone could come up with a source for getting it offset printed we can consider it a going concern.

Below this is a small piece of abstract art.


  1. God that list of bookshops takes me back…

    I can testify that the Morley store (Probably the one at the Galleria) is still open and has a good SF/Fantasy section and for those looking for rarities, Rite-Price books in Bayswater is well worth a try.

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