SwanCon 1 – Cygnetures – Prose by Graham Gough

From Cygnetures. All typos faithfully reproduced.

Why do sci fi fans take it so seriously? As a person who reads sci fi whenever I get the opportunity, which with two kids, a wife, one cat and a house to look after does not leave much time available. I thought I was fairly devoted sci fi fan, I knew which authors I liked and which ones I didn’t although I have read a number of books by some writers I have not liked previously and enjoyed them. Having a very simple view of things I like to associate with the people in the books I read and if they are superheroes so much the better. What does it matter if they travel to endless universes fighting the bad guy and never go to the toilet. Or if they are surrounded by acres of glorious women, all short skirts, low blouses etc. etc. stranded for months on a far planet and never ever looks sideways at one, but remains faithful to the girl back home. All the better. I know a good guy when I see one, he’s the one in white, standing six foot two in his socks with steel blue eyes, short crew cut hair, a voice that can be kind and gentle when speaking to his trusted companion, who is always by his side, or his loved one, waiting back home. But when he speaks to his foe his eyes look like flint, his voice is like steel, and they quiver in their boots. This is the stuff heroies are made of.

Why read a book that makes you think? That’s why you’re reading sci fi so you don’t have to. You lose yourself in other worlds, forget the present with all it’s troubles, racial hatred, hunger, war. Look to the future were everything must be better. Read sci fi and you may not have to go to the toilet for six months either.


Graham Gough

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