SwanCon 4 – Program – Cover and Welcome

Transcription by Elaine Walker – attempted to reproduce faithfully, misplaced commas and all

Front Page


Swancon 4 / Waycon '79 program


Waycon, waycon ra ra ra, well people, folks of the con, you have now arrived and no doubt you are wondering why , the answer is to be found within the covers of this convention booklet. Everyone of you can prepare yourself for a weekend worth remembering, if only because it was an absolute disaster (but I doubt it will be). A convention of this Ilk is designed to kill people, you start off in high spirits and by the end of the first night you will probably find yourself thoroughly exhausted, the crunch comes when you realise that there are three more days to go, three more days of films, discussions, talks, room parties, drinking, socialising and not very much sleeping.

Conventions, conventions, ah they are the supreme activity of the fan. The fan looks forward each year to a convention and when its over he/she can think of nothing but sleep. However a convention if you get into the activities, involve yourself in the things going on, talk to people and listen to the speakers, can be one long and enjoyable freak-out. You if you are a newcomer, and even if you are not, should involve yourself, don’t sit on the sidelines or on your rears, there’s good times to be had so have them.

One of the major problems with conventions is that new people tend to sit back and do nothing. I will advise you that a few poor fools have been delegated to introduce themselves and indoctrinate you into the con society. You will notice them by their strained expressions, worn and haggard faces, When you are approached, don’t run away, instead talk to these brave souls and allow them to introduce you to other people and then you can sit down, relax and enjoy the con.

Now I suppose I’d better get rid of my hobby horse and relax myself, preaching just ain’t my line of work. So assimilate the knowledge that I in my infinite wisdom (ha) have imparted and have an active and enjoyable con.

Line drawing at bottom of the page of what appears to be a city or palace in the clouds.

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