ooh, possible excitement

by Anna Hepworth

Some time back, we made the claim that there was very little material for SwanCon 9 (although still more than several other SwanCons that might possibly also have been mentioned in the not so distant past). Today, looking at the envelope containing this paltry collection of exciting items, it was noted that in one corner the inscription of "1/2" can be seen. Which means *somewhere* in the Teetering Mound of WASFF that occupies a corner of my lounge room, there may well exist more SwanCon 9 ephemera. Plus, it may also mean that the Missing Years may show up.

But that is going to have to wait for another day – it is highly unlikely that the teetering mound will have more than the top scraped off this year, given that we are still working our way (ways?) through the small pieces that are easily accessible.

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