Swancon icks (9) Progress Report The Last page 11

transcribed by Doug Burbidge

  I remember Swancons when they were inexpert; chaotic meanderings interspersed with debauchery.
  I remember standing in the hall when a lift party went past, heading down, and being afraid to get in, the chief dangers being seen as cable failure and oxygen starvation. But why was everyone wearing such a silly grin ?
  I remember my first masquerade; a blurred jumble of technicolour impressions – costumes brilliant, costumes ordinary, non-costumes and hardly any costumes at all. I remember playing one-to-one D&D at Swancon 6. I recall (vividly!) drying up with stage fright at the same con, singing my first folksong. I remember Bobo Gden, that legend of Welsh bellydancers; and the original Sci-Goon Show; and the horizontal mountain climbing; and the inaugural Rail Baron tournament; and the Chromatic Dragon Smooth !; and …………
  I remember Swancons; they have a unique, an unforgettable flavour; something between a Vindaloo curry and a half-litre of iced aquaret. I recall a dead-dog party where there was no amplified music, but the singing was so loud you couldn’t shout over it, and other room parties of all stripes. But Swancons are more expertly organized now; maybe more creative – possibly even more fun; but just as unique. Flavour is everything.

      Swancon 1  Home of Tony Peacey ; Oct. 1976
      Swancon 2  Belmont Comm. Rec Centre; Oct 1977
      Swancon 3  Murdoch University ; May 1978.
      Swancon 4  Ozone Hotel ; March 1979.
      Swancon 5  Park Towers (Nat Con) ; August 1980.
      Swancon 6  Royal George Hotel ; Easter weekend, 1981.
      Swancon 7  Westos Motel ; Jan. 1982.
      Swancon 8  Westos Motel ; Jan. 1983.
      Swancon 9  Westos Motel ; Jan. 1984.

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