SwanCon Icks (9) – Ephemera

by Anna Heporth

For those following along at home, hopefully it will be obvious that there was no Ephemera post for SwanCon 8. This is because the carefully sorted pile of folders (as done by the wondrous Emma Hawkes, lo, many years past) does not appear to contain one labelled ‘SwanCon 8’. It is hoped that in time this will be remedied, but it may well be that in the Teetering Mound of WASFF that there is no item identifiable as being directly related to SwanCon 8.

Instead, we give you a listing of the meagre offerings from the Swancon 9 folder.

Item 1 (and 1a)

Two copies of the number one/may 1983 progress report. This consists of 4 x A4 white bond sheets, stapled at the top left. The front cover has a single line drawing of a face in profile.


  • ICKytorial
  • Coordinators Bumph
  • Days of Wine and Rage
  • Yay Team! The Concom
  • Programme Preview
  • The Ultimate Subliminal

… with details of guests and hotels on the back cover.

Item 2

Progress Report the Last. A much classier production than the first progress report, this is A4, sadle stapled, 16pp. Cover art of a grumpy rodent with a Big Gun by Craig Hilton.


  • Page 1. Chairthing’s Things
  • Page 3. Programme
  • Page 7. Harrison Blurb.
  • Page 8. Membership List
  • Page 10. Tin Duck Nomination Form.
  • Page 11. Past Swancons.
  • Page 13. Unlucky Blank

..with the fabulous copyright statement of “If anyone is crazy enough to reprint this, they deserve everything they get.”

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