SwanCon 7 – Program Book – I Robert

transcription by Anna Hepworth

(being a transcription of p1, the second page of the SwanCon 7 Program Book)

I Robert

I suppose it is traditional for the Convention

Co-ordinator to say welcome at this point so,


      There now, I’ve done my duty and I can waffle on a bit. It seems only a very short time also that Swancon 6 was finish-ing, whereupon this brilliant idea hit me. “Why not collect Pre-supporting memberships for Swancon 7” I said, not realising what trouble it would get me into. Having solicited a fairly enthus-iastic response SWANCON 7 lept forth – into a quagmire of indifference and apathy. Battling through these problems we now arrive at the point where this piece is being writ. A point where we have a reasonably good looking programme, a venue that’s great for a summer convention (it’s got a pool and everything), the people presenting items know what they’re doing and everything’s falling into place. We are slightly shy on memberships but that should be corrected by the time the convention rolls around.

      Our Guest-of-Honour Robin Johnson, has expressed a lot of enthusiasm about the convention so get set for an interesting time. Robin has always impressed me with his speaking ability and has his wits about him on panels and debates etc. I am definitely looking forward to hearing him.

      It is also usually incumbent for the Co-ordinator to thank the people who have helped. Unfortunately, it usually sounds so stiff and formal as well as insincere. It’s a dilemma that I’m not sure can be overcome. Those who have helped deserve all the Ego Boo they can get yet to try and express it properly would take far more paper than the convention can afford as well as producing a Programme the size of a telephone book. I supposed the only thing I can do is to say:


And try to make it look like I mean it!

Bob Ogden,

[image of giraffe with cigarette in mouth, with body that appears to be constructed from a vegemite jar]

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