Aussiecon 3 web presence 2012

by Anna Hepworth

Given that it is over 12 years since Aussiecon 3, it should have been no surprise that there is no longer an Aussiecon 3 website to be found. It was a little surprising to find a wikipedia reference (in the article for Edward E. Kramer) with the last accessed date of 2011-02-21, being a little over a year ago – why it has vanished in the meantime is a mystery that we would love to know more about.

What we did find in our generally fruitless search is that there is a facebook page, which has to have been created at least five years after the end of the convention, given that facebook started in 2004 (yes, okay, playing a little fast and loose with the numbers, given that Aussiecon was in September, and according to the wikipedia page facebook started in February). The page itself is essentially scraped from wikipedia and seems completely pointless, as there are no facebook persons who have ‘liked’ the page, nor does there ever appear to have been any activity.

There are also a number of photo pages that turn up on a google search, but it is difficult to pick which ones are useful collections. We would love to hear some recommendations as to good collections of pictures to point people towards.


  1. You’re right — it is ick. I’ve changed that link to just-plain-text.

    Anna says that when she googled, that was the link she got. A more recent search does not replicate that experience, but perhaps Google was moving in mysterious ways. The link you quote is certainly a sensible one, and was certainly close to the top of my Google results.

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