Swancon 22 – Festive Happenings

Synopsis by Elaine Walker Festive happenings is the programme booklet for Swancon 22 giving the schedule of the events, any screenings and synopses of panels. I shall be including a small selection of panels from each day. All typos reproduced as faithfully as possible The cover page had the title (festive happenings) with each letter… Continue reading Swancon 22 – Festive Happenings

Borderlands – The World Within – Programme Booklet

Summarised by Elaine Walker. I am going to summarise the programme for the convention giving an indication of what day, and who was involved and the title. I am going to also include the room they were in. SG1 stands for St George One; SG2 for St George 2; SSR for Spring St Room (which… Continue reading Borderlands – The World Within – Programme Booklet