Swancon 22 – Festive Happenings

Synopsis by Elaine Walker Festive happenings is the programme booklet for Swancon 22 giving the schedule of the events, any screenings and synopses of panels. I shall be including a small selection of panels from each day. All typos reproduced as faithfully as possible The cover page had the title (festive happenings) with each letter… Continue reading Swancon 22 – Festive Happenings

Swancon 22 – PR3 – September 1996

Two A4 sheets folded down the middle to make effectively 6 inside A5 pages plus cover and back page. The one I am looking at is buff, but there is another one in the pile that is blue so the colour may be fairly random. There is an insert fold-a-lope with a membership form on… Continue reading Swancon 22 – PR3 – September 1996