SwanCon XV SF Quiz: the Answers

From page 13 of Progress Report Three, SwanCon XV. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge. The header at the top of the page says



By Stephen Dedman

The last Progress Report contained a 42-question quiz intended to fill a few quite (sic) moments between Mastermind and the documentary on Hibbel (also sic) Space and the Mathematics of Cosmic Strings, or perhaps those irritating minutes whilst they introduce you at Stockholm. Here are the answers. Please forgive us.

1. Otho.
2. Vanye.
3. Earth.
4. Rockatansky.
5. Haldeman.
6. Evelyn.
7. Alderaan.
8. Darshiva.
9. Wiggin.
10. Irulan.
11. Tevis.
12. Hastur.
13. Outsiders.
14. Ursa.
15. Tash.
16. Ankh-Morpork.
17. Nodonn.
18. Yolen.
19. Felicity.
20. Unity.
21. Selina.
22. Selig.
23. Trelane.
24. Humperdinck.
25. Egtverchi.
26. Swanick.
27. Tachyon.
28. Amalthea.
29. Reich.
30. Sara.
31. Winter.
32. Ellison.
33. Retardite.
34. Elgin.
35. Griaule.
36. Oankali.
37. Isherwood, or Ish.
38. Ningauble.
39. Gaal.
40. Ogrons.
41. Urscumug.
42. Terminal.

Incidently, the quote is the final line from “The Nine Billion Names of God” by Authur C. Clarke, as if you didn’t know.

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