SwanCon XV Science Fiction Quiz

Here’s page 15 from SwanCon XV’s PR2. The page header text says “PITIFULLY EASY! (WHIMPER)”.


Subtitled “You’ll have to speak up, the acrostics are terrible”, the following mindshatteringly difficult mini-quiz was designed by Stephen Dedman for the SwanCon XV Quiz Night. Sadly, very few tables participated in Stephen’s little test (only two bothered to hand in their answers!), so to give it a chance to reach the audience it deserves, it is here reproduced in full. All questions have one word answers, the first letters of which comprise a quote from a certain famous short story.

1. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins’husband (first name).
2. Morgaine’s travelling companion (CJ Cherryh).
3. Modern name for the planet Fintlewoodlewix.
4. Mad Max’s surname.
5. Author of Mindbridge and All My Sins Remembered (surname).
6. Hero of Glory Road (first name).
7. First planet destroyed by the Death Star.
8. Mallorean Book IV: The Sorceress of ….
9. Ender’s surname.
10. Paul Muad’dib’s wife.
11. Author of Mockingbird and The Man Who Fell To Earth (surname).
12. He Who Is Not To Be Named.
13. Zero-G dwellers of Known Space.
14. Kryptonian villainess of Superman II.
15. Vulture-headed four-armed god of the Calormenes.
16. Location of the Unseen University.
17. Battlemaster of the Tanu.
18. Author of Sister Light, Sister Dark (surname).
19. Deathworld 3.
20. Ship sent to Titan to rescue Ringmaster.
21. Catwoman’s Christian name.
22. Narrator of Dying Inside, David …
23. The Squire of Gothos.
24. Prince of Florin.
25. Alien Antichrist of A Case of Conscience.
26. Author of Vacuum Flowers and In the Drift (surname).
27. Stranded Extra-terrestrial of the Wild Cards series.
28. The name used by The Last Unicorn when in human form.
29. The Demolished Man (surname).
30. Jack Barron’s wife (first name).
31. Locale of The Left Hand of Darkness.
32. Author of “Demon With a Glass Hand” and “Crazy as a Soup Sandwich” (surname).
33. Market name for slow glass.
34. Author of Native Tongue (surname).
35. Lucius Shepherd story: “The Man Who Painted the Dragon …“.
36. Alien Race in Dawn and Adulthood Rites.
37. Protagonist of Earth Abides (first name).
38. Fafhrd’s advisor: … of the Seven Eyes.
39. Biographer of Hari Seldon (first name).
40. Apelike slaves of the Daleks.
41. Primary mythago of Ryhope Wood.
42. The last planet visited by the Liberator.

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