SUNCON ’91: Progress Report No. One: Bio on Leigh Edmonds

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge

In S.F. Commentary-the Reprint Edition, there is a photograph (dated Easter 69) of Leigh Edmonds with short hair and no beard. It is the only proof that I have seen that Leigh was not born with beard and long hair. (Although this would support Tim Reddan’s theory that to be a Big Name Fan in Oz, one must have a beard, glasses, and short – longish hair. Tim would claim that this photo predates Leigh’s becoming a BNF. I myself have some doubts as to the validity of this theory.)

I don’t dispute, however, the fact that Leigh Edmonds is a BNF. A brief summary of some of Leigh’s considerable fanac will demonstrate this:
  1974: First Australian winner of DUFF
  1975: Vice-Chair of Aussiecon I
  1976: Ditmar for Best Fanzine – Fanew Sletter
  1977: Fan GOH at Q-Con
  1984: Ditmar for Best Fanzine – Rataplan/Ornithopter
  1984: Ditmar for Best Fan Writer
  1985: Nominated for Best Fan Writer Hugo
             Nominated for Best Fanzine Hugo for Rataplan
             Ditmar for Best Fan Writer
  1986: Ditmar for Best Fan Writer

(Patricia has just said to me – remember, we have limited space here) Still, I should list some of the fanzines Leigh has edited: Rataplan, Orinthopter, Fanew Sletter, The Notional (with Valma Brown), Boys Own Fanzine (with John Foyster), Fuck The Tories (with Valma Brown, Joseph Nicholas, Judith Hanna, and Terry Hughes).

I don’t think I have to say anything more to prove that Leigh is a BNF.

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