SynCon ’88 (Conviction), Non Progress Report 2 – “Programming at Night”

pages 5 & 6 of the SynCon ’88 “Non-Progress Report 2”. Page 5 has the night programming details, and the summary of the program, page 6 contains the program itself.
Transcribed by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos and peculiar turns of phrase replicated lovingly.

Programming at Night

After dinner programming should be:

FRIDAY – After the official opening of the Con, we will have a “Keynote Speaker” whose identity will be announced in PR4. S/he will deliver a serious talk on a matter pertinent to the themes of the Con. After that, the Convenor and his principle armpits will hold court, introducing the con, explaining the rituals and, generally, trying to break the ice. This latter objective will be carried further by the (now traditional) SYNCON first night Cocktail Party. Attendees will be asked to supply a bottle to assist with the party – details in PR#3 (out now to members).

SATURDAY – “banquet” night. Included in the entertainment will be a dramatic piece presented by CONVICTION’s Champagne Committee, a GOH Speech from Spider and the award show. All members of CONVICTION will be entitled to admittance and to share in all food served at the “banquet”. There will be no additional charge.

SUNDAY – The Con will climax with a night built around the masquerade. Before the costumes are shown off there will be some entertainment, mainly musical with a chance to sing-along as well. Then the parade of the Costumes entered for competition (and remember you are encouraged to costume even if not going in the parade). The theme of the Masquerade is HERE IN THE HEREAFTER – HEROES IN HEAVEN AND HELL. It is not meant to be prescriptive. While the judges are considering their verdict, there will be more entertainment and, when they have finished, prizes will be awarded. Then, a disco and party until everyone is too tired to dance. After that, you’ll have to settle for a room party.


What follows is the tentative program to date. This may well change before the Con. If you wish to organise a panel item, or feel that you can contribute to one of the items listed, please write to the ConCom with details.

Main Programs (JC) will be in the Julius Caesar Room; second programs (2nd) are in the Athenian/Roman Rooms; and the fan programs (f) will be in the fan lounge. At other times the Fan Lounge will be a quiet haven for all Con members where coffee and comfortable seating will be available. It will also be available at night for open parties. The Hucksters will open from 0900 to 1800; the Art Show will set up from 0900 to 1200 Saturday and show during the day until 1400 Punday. All evening programming is in the JC rooms.


1800 Registration opens
2000 (JC) Official Opening
2005 (JC) Keynote address
2100 (f) SYNCON “Break-the-Ice” Opening Night Cocktail Party
2359 Midnight Program – “The Erotic in SF&F” – “I Had a Dream”


0900 Registration Desk Opens
       Art Show Set-Up
       Hucksters Room Opens
1000 (JC) Radio Workshop – Part 1 (until 1200)
       (2nd) Talk:“The Nature of Reality”
1100 (2nd) Talk:“Social Responsibility in Science”
1200 LUNCH
       (Board) Art Show Official Opening
1400 (JC) Performance: POEPOOHRIE
       (2nd) Publishers Discussion
       (f) SF in Auz:Cons and Clubs
1500 (JC) Discussion:“Future Arts in SF”
       (2nd) Publishers Workshop
       (f) Weird Cults in Fandom
1600 (JC) “IF I Ruled the World”
       (2nd) TBA
       (f) Lit/Media Crossover
1700 (JC) Discussion with video aid
               “SF in Music Videos”(until 1830)
       (2nd) Talk:“Mainstream Writers of SF”
       (f) Masquerade Workshop (until 1830)
1830 Rehearsal for Masquerade Entrants
2000 Performance:REPENTANT DRAGON
2100 Spider Robinson’s GoH Speech
2200 The CONVICTION Awards Show
2350 Midnight Program – “If I Ran the Zoo Con” – “Ideas Versus Style”


0900 Registration desk opens
       Hucksters open
       Art Show open
1000 (JC) Radio Workshop – Part II (until 1200)
       (2nd) Business Meeting and & Future Cons
1100 (2nd) Talk:“Implications of SDI”
1200 LUNCH
1300 (2nd) Scripts – How to Present Them
1400 (JC) Performance: THE FOLLIES
       (2nd) SF in Oz: Literature
1500 (JC) SF in OZ: Film
       (2nd) Talk:“IVF and Morality”
       (f) Fan GoH
1600 (JC) Spider Robisnson Reads & Q&A (until 1800)
       (f) SF in Oz: Zines
1700 (f)Discussion: Worldcons
2000 Performance:FILK
2100 Masquerade: “Here in the Hereafter: Heroes in Heaven and Hell” & Entertainment
2200 Masquerade Dance


0900 Registration Desk Opens
       Hucksters Open
       Art Show Opens
       Punday Competition Starts
1000 (Olympic) Fit For Fandom Meets the Fan Olympics (until 1200)
1030 (JC) Alternate History in SF: The US Civil War (until 1200)
1200 LUNCH
       (Board) Art Show Auction
1230 (Board) SF in Auz: Art
1300 (2nd) General and Fan Fund Auction (until 1500)
1400 Performance LIVE-TO-AIR RADIO
1500 (JC) Discussion “Future of Hard Science”
       (2nd) The Nick Stathopolous Show
1600 (JC) Audio Visual Workshop (until 1730)
       (2nd) Convention Running Workshop (until 1730)
1730 Official Close and Passing on the Gavel.

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