Swancon 17 January 1992 PR page 15

This page features “Masquerades and Banquets”, “Things to Bring”, “Eats” and “Volunteers Wanted!”. Let’s see how far we get…


Masquerades and Banquets


The Masquerade this year will be, as we’ve said in previous PRs, somewhat different from previous years. We’re doing away with the “skit” style, which encourages half-hearted costuming, and instead we’ll be awarding prizes for Hall Costumes on Sunday Evening at the Pre-launch and subsequent activities. Following the pre-launch signing and discussions, we hope to run Filking and have a Jamming session for the musos, and maybe dancing for the rest of us, and we’d encourage you to wear your costumes then. We were trying to organise a Mediaeval Feast as the Official Banquet for the Convention, but negotiations (begging and pleading) with the Hotel came to nought. We’ve decided that a Banquet which is affordable to a minority of Convention Attendees is not an acceptable one, and have therefore abandoned the formal banquet. Instead we’re organising two informal events. Firstly, on the Saturday Night, we’re carrying on a tradition that’s been a part of SwanCons for about five years now; the Pizza Banquet. We’ll be collecting a small amount of money from interested people on the night and ordering a huge quantity of Pizza and Soft Drink to be consumed in the Epsom Room, around the pool or in the Video Lounge. Then, on the Sunday Night, we’re going to take advantage of the Hotel Bistro’s “All the Pasta You Can Eat for $5.00” offer (there are four types of Pasta, and garlic bread and salad cost another $1.50 each). Because there won’t be a formal banquet, the Awards Ceremony will be part of the closing ceremony.


Things to Bring

    • Materials for the Spaceship Building (we’ve got lots of stuff, but if you have anything especially interesting or useful – such as bits of PVC tubing, plastic drink bottles, al-foil, strange containers of all types – please bring it along.)
    • Sleeping Bags (while we can’t officially condone it, we have booked out the whole hotel, so if you’re looking for crash space, you’d best bring sleeping gear!)
    • Freeform Costumery (if you want in on “Shadows on the Sun”, anything relevant to the Court of the Sun King – a sash, a ruffle-shirt, a rapier … – would be useful.)
    • A container for Popcorn (if you some). We may have real, original, true blue environmentally unconscious cardboard cups for sale at cost, but BYO to be sure.
    • A tee shirt (we’ll have instant tee-shirt printing at Registration, plus a few tee-shirts for sale, and we’ll be offering a variety of logos and designs).



For those of you who plan to eat at the Con, the following food outlets may be of interest. Redcliffe Lunch Bar (6.00am-Midnight, Mon. to Sat. & 7:30am-6:30pm Sun. and Pub. Hols) is 500m from the Hotel. The Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant is 800m away, Sun Sun Chinese is 900m away, Hungry Jacks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken Treat, Pizza Hut, Ascot Fruit&Veg and another deli are all 1500m away. The Hotel Bistro (open Midday-2:00pm & 6:00pm-8:00pm daily) run a normal menu on all days except for Sunday. Hotel Breakfasts for guest are $7.50 (continental) and $10.50 (hot), although we’re in the process of trying to negotiate better rates.


Volunteers Wanted!

We’re still looking for people who will be able to help out at the Con itself. Specifically, we’re looking for Day/Night Managers and Security Personnel. If you’re interested, please ring Richard Scriven on XXX-XXXX ASAP. You’ll get a special “Helper” badge that will allow you access to certain restricted areas, and you’ll have our sincere thanks.

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