SwanCon 17 Programme Leaflet

(StudlyCaps convention titles: positively correlated with British spelling of “Programme”.)

This is a single A3 sheet on a heavy paper stock. The paper is off-white, with a slightly greenish hue and a very slight texture. It’s folded in six: first folded in half to two A4’s, and then folded in three in the typical leaflet style. The opening panel is a cover declaring this to be the

SwanCon 17

Programme Leaflet

Anime Matsuri, PARSEC and
the 17th Annual Western Australian Conference on
Science Fiction and Fantasy

The back panel, in this fully folded state, is a map of The Ascot Inn Convention Centre. Opening the leaflet up a little, the two panels to the left of the map are the program(me) for the Friday, from 17:00 to 7:30am the following morning.

Opening up all the way, the other side of the sheet has its text rotated 90 degrees, so we have a two A4-page spread, with Saturday on the left and Sunday on the right, from 8:30am to 7:30am.

Closing up again, the two panels to the left of the title panel cover Monday’s program.

The programming rooms were Oak, Epsom, River, and Ledger; and the program grid also had columns for “Hotel Video” and “Other”.

“The River Room column has been left blank to allow on-the-spot programming for the PARSEC gaming stream (much of which should be accomplished by the end of the Friday Night meeting.)” (There was a PARSEC meeting scheduled on Friday at 20:30 in the Oak Room.)

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