SwanCon 17 – Progress Report Jan 1992 – page 8

Transcribers notes: There’s some pretty dodgy stuff in this one. I’m happy to say that the WA fannish community has become more generally accepting of diversity, so please don’t take anything here as indicative of current attitudes.

More Rules to Learn and Sing


No, those aren’t the things that drive around in carsies wiff ickle pwetty bwue lights, they’re things committees write down and show people to ensure their later admissibility as evidence. Thus, you’ll see them again in the Programme Book (’cause the Ascot wouldn’t let us spraypaint them on the Convention Room Walls) and probably pay just as much attention to them there as I’m sure you will here. (How do I get away with this stuff?)

Smoking in the Convention Rooms
We recommend lubricant; almost anything will do, although vegemite tends to dry the mouth if used in quantity. For that other type of smoking, there’s always the outside. Preferably outside the 12-mile limit. Not offending anyone am I?

We recommend adherence to the Laws and Statues of the State of Western Australia. It’s always worked for us. If you’re within the law, you’re welcome at SwanCon 17. If you’re unsure about the law, ask a member of the committee; our interpretations will doubtless prove informative. If you’re outside the law, you may find yourself enjoying a peaceful weekend away from all your friends, and a little out of pocket to no great effect.

SwanCon 17 doesn’t cater for kids. That may be cruel and callous of us, but then we haven’t made any special allowances for disabled people either, so we’ve already set a bad precedent. Simply, with 200 people to look after, we feel that the care of the four of five children who will be in attendance at the Con (including the young daughter of Sean and Trish McMullen – our guests) is best handled by those with more training than we do: their parents. There’s no charge for bringing children under the age of twelve to the Con, but they will not be permitted in the Video Lounge (The Ledger Room), and you may be asked to quiet or remove a noisy child from any event at the convention which requires quiet. We’d love to have been able to organise something for the kids, but time was simply not available. We apologise if this inconveniences anyone.

The Auction

John McDouall, star auctioneer of many previous SwanCons has graciously agreed to run the Auction again this year. We’ll try to produce some kind of auction sheet before the event (although we can’t make any promises), so obviously we’d appreciate you getting material to us as soon as you possibly can. Registration will be accepting materials (with Full Name, Address and Reserve Pricing, clearly marked) from the time the Con opens on Friday until late Sunday evening. The Con will take 15% of total sale price, with the exception of items auctioned to benefit Fan Funds or other conventions.

Past Memberships

Besides the full Attending Membership for the Convention, two other methods of payment will be available.

  • $10 will buy you a half-day membership; entry to the Con for the Morning (9:30am to 4:00pm) or the Evening (4:00pm to 9:30am).
  • $20 will buy you a full-day membership, running from the time of purchase to the start of programming on the next day (9:30am).

Note that you never pay more than $50 to attend the Con: any money you’ve spent on part memberships can be used towards a full Attending membership later.

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