SwanCon 16, Progress report 1 – page ~9

What we are calling page 9 of the SwanCon 16 Progress report 1 (counting the inside front cover as ‘1’) contains two short pieces


Duck Fantasy

By Stephen Dedman


I should if I may, to comment on the quality and quantity of fannish art, writing and publishing in Western Australia at the moment. After a long period when WA fanzines were believed near extinction, 1989 brought us Inconsequential Parallax, Credo, Citee Comique, and Pulp. Tin Duck Season was open, and ducks (sculpted by Keira McKenzie) were awarded at SwanCon XV by the incomparable Messrs. Dowling and Stone.

The 1990 Tin Duck Winners were:

Best W.A. Fanzine Inconsequential Parallax (edited by Tim Richards and Narelle Harris)
Best W.A. Fan Artist Jeremy Reston
Best W.A. Fan Writer Stephen Dedman

1990 promises to be at least as good, with hints of new fanzines at the heavy breathing stage, writers buzzing with enthusiasm after Terry’s mini-workshop, and excellent art already coming to us for the progress reports. And so, Tin Ducks will again be awarded at SwanCon 16. Any zine, fannish writing or fannish artwork published in WA in 1990 will be eligible: nominations will close on January 1991.

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