SwanCon XV Progress Report 3 – Videocon II

Being the 12th page of the SwanCon XV Progress Report 3. Running head reads “Shocking Secrets from the Vaults”. Transcription by Anna Hepworth. Typoes faithlessly transcribed

Videocon II

by Robin Pen

Brief notes on things that might just happen to be shown at the Con, but about which the Committee know nothing in any official or legally binding sense

The Stone Tapes
A Science Fiction ghost story. High Technology confronts the supernatural. This is a superb, enthralling work written by the scribe of the Quatermas Series. The experience doesn’t end until long after the lights go up on this one. A Con Highlight.

This animated feature from Japan sums up the theme of the Con in a striking, visual form. A high-tech panorama of a near-future societal collapse under the weight of social decadence and political subversion, Akira’s imagery and action sequences are stunning. Superior Visual SF.

Computer Dreams
A selection of some of the most up-to-date and visually stunning computer graphics sequences available, linked by an informative documentary narrative. A beautiful display of Future Now.

[omitted to protect the guilty*]

Warriors of the Wind
By popular demand, this glorious film will be rescreened at SwanCon XV. One of the best animated films ever made and an extraordinary work of Fantasy as well. No higher recommendation.

Red Dwarf
The entire first series of this very funny British space drama will be shown. Hitchhiker Fans especially will appreciate this. Share and enjoy.

Wizard of Speed and Time
A fanciful retelling of Mike Jitlov’s attempts to produce his short classics. A pointed stab at the Hollywood Industry that goes right to the heart. It’s guaranteed to make you a fan of Jitlov, possibly the best garage animation/effects person you will ever see. Endearing and impressive.

As well, there will be Dark Star, Eraserhead, Evil Dead I and II, a Gerry Anderson selection, episodes of The Twilight Zone, the hottest high-tech animation from Japan, various Blooper Reels, Max Fleischer’s 1950’s Superman, choice Blake’s Seven, classic Real Ghostbusters, Quatermas, Hammer films, very rare Max Headroom and much more to take you from dawn to dusk and back. The list is continually being added to, changed, shuffled and otherwise kept in a state of flux, and will be so right up to the last minute. My objective is to screen the rare and the new and to highlight special works made obscure by the ever encroaching swamp of mediocrity (Almost poetic, huh?). Suggestions are welcome and often acted upon. We aim for Entertainment and Enlightenment:

“I’ll buy that for a dollar”

(* Yes, this is omitted by the transcriber, not the original editor)

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