SwanCon XV PR2 – Con Closed by Hotel Management (News)

Page 5 of PR2 for SwanCon XV, it is related to the desire for Incorporation that was covered in a previous post on page 4 of the same PR. Transcribed by Elaine Walker


News from Stephen Dedman

On May 5th, 1989, Miscon 4 was evicted from its hotel in Missoula, Montana, a mere five hours after opening. The reasons cited included weapons on the premises, an unpaid hotel bill and unsigned hotel contract, and selling liquor without a license. For the last offense (the con’s hospitality room was demanding “mandatory donations” for drinks), Miscon may face a $1000 fine, and the Hotel is in danger of losing its liquor license. As Miscon was not incorporated, the committee members may be held personally liable for any financial or legal complications.

Despite several years of discussion, SwanCon has not become incorporated. SwanCon committee members could therefore be held liable for any costs if a Con lost money. This has happened: the committee member, who was threatened with a lawsuit, paid the bill and was later bailed out by the next SwanCon committee. While this was an extremely minor disaster compared to the fate of Miscon, it caused considerable controversy (and even acrimony) within W.A. fandom. Incorporation would protect committee members if such incidents recurred. It would also protect us in the instance of any lawsuits, or any accidents not covered by our third party insurance.

The SwanCon XV committee hereby invites all interested parties to attend a meeting to frame a Constitution for the formation of SwanCon Inc.

Unit X/XX Cxxxxx Txxxxx, Daglish (until further notice)

All interested parties are requested to contact Don Griffiths (xxx-xxxx) or Tara Smith (xxx-xxxx), or write to The Swancon Committeee, P.O. Box XXX, Nedlands 6009.

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