SwanCon 17 Progress Report July 1991

Rambled by Doug

A progress report. Well.

I see this was a StudlyCaps SwanCon. (I think the Singlecap Swancon is slightly more common, but I haven’t done a study. And at least one year ALLCAPSed to avoid the decision.)

This PR is 24 A4 pages, including covers, being 6 A3 sheets folded and stapled on the spine. The internal pages are numbered 3 through 19. This is perplexing, as you’d expect the inside back cover to be page 23, not page 19, but after repeated counting to ensure that there really really were 6 A3 sheets and not 5, it emerged that the A3 sheet between pages 8 and 9 and between 11 and 12 is four A4 pages of advertising, and is unnumbered. The full-page ad on page 18, however, does consume a page number, to avoid throwing off the even/odd left/right rhythm.

This is a Festival of the Imagination convention, so the production quality is as high as it can be in a photocopied and staple-stitched PR, with elegant font choices and layout, but contains the odd idiosyncrasy (such as the page numbering).

The Table of Contents declares:

Page   Content
2         Convention Details Summary
3         Table of Contents
4         Programme
6         Social Programme
8         Video Programme
10       Hotel Feature
12       Gaming Programme
16       Writers’ Workshop
19       Education Seminar
19       Short Story Competition
20       Afterword & Committee

Except that of course the page numbers column is right-aligned in their version, whereas I am too lazy to do that in this transcription.

“Hotel Feature”, in case you’re wondering, is a one-page description of the venue, and a map.

I declare this to be enough of a summary of this PR. Perhaps we will delve into more detail on it in future articles.

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