Swancon XIII – Progress Report One – Summary

This here is an overview (by Doug) of the contents of a Swancon XIII Progress Report, which is titled “Swancon XIII Progress Report”. Did they have more than one? I don’t know.

It’s eight sheets of A4 paper, which is to say 16 pages; stapled at the left edge. (It’s a bit odd, actually — staples at the top and bottom of the left edge go through all eight sheets, but a staple in the middle only fastens sheets 4 thru 7.)

The front cover is emblazoned with the aforementioned title, and has art featuring two black prancing unicorns, with the “tin duck” robotic swan between them. The inside cover says “Cover Artwork – Many thanks to Kira McKenzie”. It also says “Progress report – Stephen Dedman   Ann Griffiths   Don Griffiths”.

Page what-I’m-going-to-call-three is titled “Progress Report One — December 1987”. Ah — so now we know. It introduces us to the date, venue, GOHs, and the committee, and is blogged elsewhen. The next page covers Rates, Room Rates, Advertising Rates, The Rumour Terminating Department, and Programme, and is also described in that prior post.

Page oh-let’s-call-it-five covers Programme for Black Friday, Satyrday, and Black Sabbath, with Dead Dog Monday and the 31-member-long Membership List on the following page.

Page 7 is A Synopsis of Dave Luckett by Sally Beasley. Page 8 is An Interview with Tim Richards by Tim Richards.

Page 9 is a full-page ad for Swancon 14. Page 10 is a Swancon 14 Progress Report. (How… recursive.)

Page 11 is an ad and blurb for WhoCon 4 (“The Fourth National DOCTOR WHO Convention, Perth, W.A.”). Page 12 continues for WhoCon 4, spruiking the Timelord’s Ball. The ball was at the Pagoda, and the convention at UWA.

Page 13 advertises Conviction (“27th Australian Science Fiction Convention”, also “Syncon 88”), with page 14, yes, continuing on the Conviction theme.

That brings us to page 15, which is a Membership and Room application form, with page 16, the back cover, being blank.

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