Swancon 14 – Progress report 2 – Convention news and information (part 3 of 3)

being a sequence of small news articles, covering page 4 of the second official progress report for Swancon 14. As ever, typos faithlessly reproduced

Badge Making Service

We would like to extend our badge-making services to provide made-to-order badges to our members. If you have a slogan or design you’d like to be able to wear as a badge, just send it to us, and we’ll incorporate it into a badge for $1.50 (plus postage). Better yet, send us an appropriately sized blank (see below), save us the trouble of designing the badge and we will convert your design to a badge for only $1.00 (plus postage).

DIY Badge Designs

Almost any design can be converted to a badge, so long as it can be contained within the following dimensions: The blank must be a circle 70mm in diameter cut from paper or cartridge. Any design must fit within a central 59mm circle (do not mark this circle on the blank as it will show in the final product).

Standard Badges

We also have a series of standard designs as shown below. These are available in red, yellow, green blue or white and cost $1.00 each (plus postage).

The remaining half page consists of an array of circles, 4 circles high, and 6 wide. Each circle represents a single badge. There are two with images — a female like figure riding a zebra like animal with text “Virgin — on the ridiculous”, and two silhouetted cats on a black blob with text “Perfect harmony” — and the rest are text only. These include (but are not limited to:

  • Kylie Who?
  • REVENGE has no use by date
  • I am a honorary GUMBY
  • This is a Bicentennial road project
  • I feel a bit NORMAL today
  • Question authority – you can ask me anything
  • I’m a teapot
  • I’ve been seduced by the CHOCOLATE side of the FORCE

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