Festival of The Imagination 1996 – December 1995 Newsletter – Page 5 – Additional Guests

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. All typos have been preserved as much as possible. Layout has not.

The Festival of the Imagination 1996 is dedicated to offering our members the opportunity to meet and interact with wide range of guests, particularly those from our own SF communities, be they literature, media or gaming. Therefore, in addition to our international guests, we are pleased to welcome a number of local guests around the country and around the world.  To date, these guests include:

Stephen Dedman

Stephen Dedman attended his first con, sold his first SF story and played his first RPG in 1977. Since then, his stories have appeared in F&Sf, Asimov’s, Science Fiction Age, Strange Plasma, Aurealis and Eidolon, and the anthologies Little Deaths, Alien Shores, Metaworlds, and Terror Australis. He has recently sold his first novel, The Art of Arrow Cutting, to Tor Books. He is also the author of GURPS Dinosaurs (stomping your way in May 1996) and several RPG adventures and articles. He’s also feeling a little overwhelmed at the size of Doctor Janeen Webb’s biography (Sorry Stephen!)

Dr. Janeen Webb

Janeen Webb is senior lecturer (professor) of literature at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. One of Australia’s leading SF critics, her work is also widely published in the USA, England, Germany, and Austria. Her books include Trends In The Modern Novel (Institute of Early Childhood Development), Modern Australian Drama (with G McKay) (Institute of Early Childhood Development), and Storylines (with M. Tyrell) (Oxford University Press).  Dr Webb is currently working on critical bibliographies of William Gibson, Angela Carter, and Thomas Keneally for the Borgo Press Modern Authors series. She was co-editor of the Australian Science Fiction Review from 1987 to 1991. This bi-monthly journal was the premier science fiction forum in Australia and had a world wide influence on science fiction, especially in the USA. She is a consultant and contributor to the Hugo award winning Encyclopedia Of Science Fiction, edited by John Clute and Peter Nicholls. Dr Webb is listed in The Who’s Who Of Academics In Australia, The World Who’s Who Of Women (13th edition) and the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (11th edition). She is a Special Guest at the Festival with her husband Jack Dann.

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