In which our intrepid explorers visit the Battye

Two weeks ago, Doug Burbidge and myself (Anna Hepworth) trekked in to the State Library to explore SwanCon related holdings in the Battye library. Between the two of us, we have been amassing quite a stash of items to check, and then provide to the Battye. As the catalogue details (here) are a little sketchy, we thought making a quick record might be of use.

There no items in the Battye collection for years 1976 through 1985; 1987 & 88; and 1990-92.

year Con Wot they had Wot we added # items
1986 SC11 souvenir book (44pp) (nothing) 1
1989 SC14 Progress Report 1* (nothing) 1
1993 SC18 Progress Report 3 (nothing) 1
1994 ConFusion souvenir book (A4, 36pp) (nothing) 1
1995 SC95 souvenir book (A4, 28pp) Folded advertising flyer 2
1996 SC21 (nothing) Programme Book (A5, saddle stapled) 1
1997 SC22 Progress Report 5 Programme Book “Festive Happenings”
Progress Report 2
Progress Report 4
1998 SC23 PRs 1 through 6;
5 booklets that collectively make up the con/souvenir book**
A5 leaflet
Wrap Up Report
Tin Duck Nomination form
1999 SC24 Progress reports 2 & 3 (nothing) 2
2000 SC2000 Progress report (unnumbered, assumed #1) PR2
“Muppets from space” flyer
2 * A5 flyers
Nominations form
Programme book
2001 SC26 (nothing) (nothing) 0
2002 SC27 (nothing) Programme book
Tin Duck nomination form
Ditmar nomination form
Tin Duck voting form
Art show regs and rego
2003 SC28 (nothing) (nothing) 0
2004 SC29 (nothing) PR0
“The SwanCon Channel”
2005 SCXXX (nothing) Program book 1
2006 SC31 (nothing) PR0
Official Programme
2007 SC32 PR0 Convention Book 2
2008 SC33 Con/souvenir book A5 flyer 2
2009 SC34 PR1
Con book
(nothing) 3
2010 SC35 (nothing) Program Guide
Souvenir book
‘Retcon’ bid leaflet
2011 SC36/NatCon50 (nothing) 3 flyers (2 A5, 1 A4) 3
2012 SC37 (nothing) A5 flyer
program (A5)
Large print program (A4)

There were no holdings for 2013 forward. We didn’t have good sets of those materials to hand, as we already had quite a lot to work through–we’ll work on those another time.

There is a Swancon 5 poster in a separate Battye catalog entry. There is also some Chronopolis material in a separate entry — presumably they didn’t realise that Chronopolis was an instance of Swancon.

* We here at This! are jealous, as we apparently don’t have a copy in our archive
** not sure if credit for this should go to Simon Oxwell, for making sure everything was correctly supplied to the Battye.

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