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being page 7

Well it’s only three months from the con and gaming looks likely to be the best we have had for a long time (boast, boast). To date both the Magic™ and Battletech™ tournaments are being organised, along with two freeforms. Many thanks to Len Henderson, Mark Suaddaby and Derek Bazen respectively.

I am still on the look out for four (4) experienced Dungeons & Dragons DM’s to help run the D & D tournament, which should take about 6 (six) hours of your time. So if you can help, call me or turn up at the next gaming meeting.

Also we are still looking for people to work like slaves on the following projects:- Railbaron Tournament, Illumanati: New World Order Tournament, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Tournament and two more Freeforms. These events shouldn’t take up more than 5 hours at the con, so if you can spare the time and effort you too can have your name in the progress report and earn my undying gratitude.

Onto a related subject, Gaming subcommitee. I would like to have a representative from every gaming club on the Gaming subcommitee. This way we can get feedback from clubs on the gaming program, and deliver events and items that will be of interest. I will endeavour to conact the clubs personally in the next few weeks, but feel free to phone me before I phone you (it will make life so much easier, and world peace will ensue).

Other events, yet to be confirmed as they come to me second hand from Russell, are a Gurps Super game: Conventional Weapons, run by Elaine Kemp, and a Villians and Vigilantes game being run by one of our Guests, Stephen Dedman. Also, rumour has it, that our very own Stefen will produce another stunning freeform. I will be checking into these rumours and bring you the results in our next Progress report.

The gaming report concludes with details of the next gaming meeting, and contact details for the gaming coordinator: physical address, phone number and email address, but not name. An amusing oversight.

Social Stuff

being three short paragraphs on page 8. (Between pages 7 and 8 is the inevitable foldalope. This may or may not be identical to foldalopes from previous SwanCon 22 PRs, but this transcriber is too lazy to check)

Room Parties

W all know how successful these are. As happened last year, we will be supplying Rom Party Boxes to those who hold an open party. And open party is one that is advertised on the events board so that anyone who wishes can attend. I am in the process of drumming up lots of goodies to give way…It will be a fine day if I can match the greatness of Swancon 21’s boxes.

Market Day

Due to space restrictions, we are not able to have a Huxsters Room, so-to-speak. Instead, on the Sunday, we will have a Market Day. A day when all those who wish to sell their wears will be gathered, in typical market fashion, to do so. Save your money for this as we are hoping to get some new stalls in. More info in the next progress report. If you want to sell something and need some space, please contact me and I will arrange it.


Well, what can I say about this little beauty? Due to the fact that last years auction went way over time, I ask those who want to auction lots of items to try and group them together so they can be sold as a set. We have one day less than last years and we want to fit as much excitement in as we can. I have never done this before, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Transcribers note: ‘me’ is not identified on this page. It is a reasonable hypothesis that the text can be attributed to Avril Garner, listed on the back page as ‘Social Programming’.

Page 9 has a very short bio for Lucy Sussex, and the short story competition rules; page 10 has a short blurb on the Masquerade, with a small doodle filling the bottom 1/3 of the page.

Lucy Sussex

Lucy Sussex was born in New Zealand in 1957, and works as a researcher and also a freelance author and editor. She has published widely, writing anything from reviews and literary criticism to horror and detective stories. She also is a literary archaeologist, rediscovering and republishing the nineteenth-century Australian crime writers Mary Fortune and Ellen Davitt. Her short story, ‘My Lady Tongue’ won a 1988 Ditmar.

In 1994 she was a judge for the international Tiptree award, which honours speculative fiction exploring notions of gender. She has edited four anthologies, three science fiction, and one crime. In 1996 She’s Fantastical, which she co-edited, was shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award. Lucy has written three novels for children or young adults, The Peace Garden (1989), Deersnake (1994), and Black Ice (forthcoming). Her adult novel The Scarlet Rider was published by Forge in the US in 1996.


We now have a dated stapled down. Sunday, January 26. However, the staple is removable and this could change!! You know how it goes with these thing… Unfortunately, no one has come forward with any suggestions as to a theme. I will gladly accept any suggestions and, if I don’t the theme will be whatever suits the mood I am in when the time comes to decide… You have been warned!

The Costume Competition will be held in a gong show type setting. However, we can not have a competition if we do not have contestants. I know you are anxious to have more of a show than last year, so please phone, email or write to me to let me know if you would like to participate.

The prizes we have are one free membership to Swancon 23 and whatever else I can drum up for nothing, will be up for grabs for the best costumes.

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