SwanCon Twenty3 – Con Book 02: Guests p. 21 – Sue Isle

SwanCon Twenty3 separated out the various common items of program books into several A5 saddle-stapled booklets. This is the information on the Guests of Swancon 23.

There is a photo of Sue Isle at the top left.

Sue Isle


Stephen Dedman says: “It seems only seventeen years ago that Sue and I first met (in fact it *was* seventeen years ago. nostalgia is no excuse for inaccuracy). At the time, we each had one story published. Since then we’ve frequently critiqued each other’s work and shared useful market info. Sue told me about DOWN DEEP, leading to my first US short story sale; she told me how to stop wasting money on International Reply Coupons; she told me about the job vacancy at The Space Merchants, starting me in my career as an sf bookseller; she put me in touch with Omnibus Books, which led to Bone Hunters; and she suggested I turn ‘Foreign Bodies’ into a longer work. If you don’t like my writing, Sue deserves at least some of the blame. In return, I was delighted to help launch her first novel at Swancon last year, even if it was published before mine (fume).

As we’ve been friends for so long (we even managed to share a house for about a year without violence, despite her collection of edged weapons – and no, it wasn’t me who put the bomb outside her rat cage), I wasn’t going to mention the SS uniform, or the Boy Scout… but since Sue has cast the first stone, I should point out that I have the photographs. And the negatives.”

There is a short reply:

PS. May I mention that I was dressed as a Boy Scout, I committed no acts of violence (or anything else!) towards one! Sue

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