SwanCon 22 – PR2 – some extracts

Previously, one of our less obsessive contributors gave an overall description of the SwanCon PR2, with commentary on the various sections. Here, some selections are presented verbatim, for those of us who like to see how things change, and how things stay the same….

Again, Welcome…

Just a short report this time, to let you all know that we have secured a hotel booking (huge sigh of relief), the details are right below. Other things are beginning to happen: freeforms; informal programming meetings; several exclusives involving our Guest of Honour, Howard Waldrop; great great plans and the usual brave deeds done by Convention Committees.

Even as I type, wheels turn and plans reach fruition. We’re busy people, working damn hard to get y’all the Convention you want, or at very least, you’ll enjoy.

Watch out for our next Report, due out in September, there just may be something special in there.

The Guests

We are extremely proud to announce that HOWARD WALDROP will be doing two story readings at the Convention. Both will have never been read before. His first reading, to launch his new collection, tentatively scheduled for Friday evening (so come early!) will be the original story in his collection Going Home Again, by Eidolon Publications, copies available after the reading.

There are also two forthcoming interviews with Howard, tentatively scheduled for: Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature (September); and Eidolon #24 (Spring).

In an evil plot to coax early memberships, the Convention is also proud to announce that the Souvenir Book will contain an excerpt from one of Howard’s novels in progress. To guarantee a copy of this world exclusive item, you must at least take out a supporting membership by 10th January 1997. Numbers will be limited so don’t delay, as this has generated some international interest.

We’ve invited some other people too, most you know and love, having been here many times before. This list is by no means conclusive, so if you’d like to see someone let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Watch out for Sean William’s new book Metal Fatigue, published by HarperCollins, it’s well worth a read.


“I thought I was (in Gardner Dozois’ words) the Bull Goose Hugo Loser…”

-Howard Waldrop


It’s our intention to create a varied programme, that all convention goers can enjoy. To this intent we, the programming committee, would like to have your input. So, if you are at all interested in the convention’s programme, would like to see a topic discussed, have an idea for a panel or would like to have a say in the programme, you can:

  • write to the programming committee at the convention PO Box;
  • email me, David, at the address below;
  • or come to the open programming meetings at the Moon Cafe (323 William St, Northbridge) on the last Tuesday of every month. Next meetings are July 31 and 27 August. These are intended to be social events (the Moon has 1/2 price pasta!), so please come along, meet the committee and show some interest in your convention.

The committee is interested in putting on a mixed programme that encompasses many aspects of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Literature, Media and any other topic we think interesting for the convention. There will, of course, be events related to our Guest of Honour, Howard Waldrop, and his writings, but if you ever read his writing you’ll realise it covers a plethora of genres and topics.

Remember, a programme is usually made from input from the convention attendees, so please give us this input (and your money). The programme is for all to enjoy.

[email address omitted]

Gaming & Freeforms

Well, the last freeform, held at the end of June, was very successful. I hope that everyone participating had a good time. There will be more freeforms happening in the near future, if you’re interested call Peter Kelly or e-mail him. We will also be having at least two freeforms at the convention.

At the convention will also be the usual gaming, maybe a tournament or two, so if anyone out there would like to run something, or has any ideas, get in touch with Peter Kelly.

[email omitted]


For those with a thespian inclination, a little down at the lack of a talent show at SwanCon 21, we have the event for you. We will be having a fannish “Red Faces” talent show, to be held before the masquerade, where you can strut your stuff. I do, however, need to have a reasonable approximation of numbers, so if you could e-mail or phone me, Avril, with your expression of interest, we can start working out the details, like how much time we’ll need. There will be prizes! prizes! prizes! (Did I mention prizes!?)

As SwanCon 21 did, we will be having party boxes. These proved to be a popular little item, so start thinking about those room parties now!

Avril [email omitted]

and for those who haven’t seen the Foldalope text, on the top third of an A4 page, we have:

It is a Foldalope.

Simple. A Foldalope is a sheet of paper which, through the cunning use of folding and fastening, miraculously transforms into an envelope, conveniently addressed to where it needs to go. To use it, simply fill out the form on the other side of this sheet, giving all the required details. Then using the instructions at the bottom of the page, fold and glue or tape the Foldalope and push it gently into the nearest post box.

No stamp is required. Your only outlay is the time and effort to complete the form and fold it into its required shape. The rest is up to us and Australia Post.

The middle third is the section that becomes the front of the ‘envelope’, with the reply paid address, and the ‘no stamp required’ square at the top right. The bottom third is the instructions:

  1. Fold in three
  2. Fold ends over
  3. Fasten ends with tape or glue, and mail.

and at the bottom: “Please feel free to photocopy this form to your heart’s content”. The other side requests basic contact details, and then has ticky boxes for being on the mailing list, purchase of full or supporting memberships, and assorted volunteering options, as well as a “what I want to see at this convention ….”

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