SwanCon 22 – PR2 – July 1996

SwanCon 22’s second progress report is dated July 1996. It’s on two very very yellow sheets of A4, folded into an A5 booklet. The centre sheet is a “Foldalope”, meaning that the PR itself is a single sheet.

The front cover says



Inside we reveal our hotel,
The latest up-to-date information on
our guests,
other nifty stuff and a pretty neat
deal too!

JULY 1996

The inside front cover has a colophon on the left half of the page, listing committee, guests, venue, price, etc. The right hand half of the page starts with a quarter page titled “Again, Welcome…” and finishes with a quarter page titled “The Hotel” (which reveals that hotel rooms are substantially more expensive on the night of the skyshow). The inside back cover has a column titled “The Guests” on the left, and “Programming” on the right. The back cover has “Gaming & Freeforms”, “Credits”, “Entertainment” and “Custer’s Last Jump”, which appears to be a Ticonderoga chapbook to raise funds for the convention.

The foldalope has “WHAT IS THIS THING?”, the con address (which reveals that this con’s preferred capitalisation is “SwanCon”) and folding instructions on one side, and a form on the other side for you to give your name and address and tick boxes for getting on the mailing list, purchasing membership, volunteering, etc.

And that’s your lot.

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