SWANCON TWENTY3 Progress Report Four – page 3

by Chris Creagh

The “Timelines” columns encourages people to attend the The Programming Picnic on Sunday the 23rd of November 12.00 Midday at the Traffic Island Reserve (Where the ice-cream thing was, along Mounts Bay Road). [They had ice-cream! – CC].

Then there was Pancakes at Carillion on Tuesday the 2nd of December 6.00pm. “another chance for you to scoff pancakes and talk about the con, or what the scandalous committee is up to now”. At the Carillion Arcade.

Sunday 21st of December 6.00pm is the Beach Solstice Party where people are encouraged to have fun and celebrate the pagan festival on the beach at Point Walter.

Finally Freeform Twenty3 – The Convention no this was not the convention but a freeform that “will give a new meaning to the word paranoia…”

Unfortunately the Hallowe’en party was canclled, due to a sudden lack of venue.

The “How To Join” column promotes the many and varied ways you can physically purchase a membership which usually required hunting down a committee member and exchanging money for a written receipt. Sometimes you could get them from a sympathetic outlets like A Touch of Strange, Valhalla, Bat’s Cave, Tactics or Quality Comics.

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