Swancon 18 – Progress Report 0 – Part 5

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, matching the text in all its glory. This was page 6 of Progress Report 0 of Swancon 18

… and Swancon 18’s Fan GoH.

Now deeply immersed in medical practice in the south-west but was for many years a mad medical student and fan. Continues to be a fan. Continues to be mad. Frequently on the Ditmar ballot as best fan artist. Craig is well-known in Australia and overseas for his furry anthropomorphic cartoons and has produced his own strip featuring rabbits doing what rabbits would do if they were James Bond, which he will probably display during the Con. He also draws cartoons for the local medical rag. It is his devout wish to have an actual cartooning stream in the program; now all we have to do is find somebody else who can run it with him. Further he was responsible for “Lord of the String”, a scigoon show in the grand tradition.

However, Craig is also famous for writing some of the weirdest filksongs yet produced on the continent. You think intricate rhymes and strict (so strict it’s slightly bent under the strain) metre have gone out of style? Lend an ear to “The Tsunami” or maybe “Weasels on Parade”, not to mention the infamous shrink-wrapped lit. Words fail me. And when he starts singing about his rooster …

The curious thing about this severely warped individual, this obvious candidate for the giggle academy, is that he looks as straight as James Baker on downers. You’d think he’d be all rolling eyes and waving arms, crackling sparks of verbal mayhem sent carelessly spiralling in all directions, just barely coherent enough to be marginally intelligible. Instead, he looks just exactly like the sort of bloke you’d expect to find asking you how your bowels are and tut-tutting at the response. When you talk to him he produces the occasional one-liner, so dry as to be desiccated, and then expects you not to notice. He’s gotten used to that, you see. Do not be fooled. Behind those horn-rimmed specs, that mildly-enquiring professorial air, that conformist exterior, there lurks the soul of a chaoticist.

Those interested in Craig’s work might like to see his Doc Rat webcomic.

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