SwanCon 18, PR3, post 2 of ummm

In the last post about the November 1992 Progress Report 3 from SwanCon 18 (1993!), we managed to get through Three! Whole! Pages!. In this post page 4 is covered in roughly the same level of obsessiveaccurate detail.

Unclassifiable Programming

The following program events are rather general in nature, and form what is sometimes called ‘the mainstream’. The Programming subcommittee are trying to create as broad an appeal as possible for this component of SwanCon 18. […]

Comedy, Inspired or Devised?
Since our Guest of Honour is Terry Pratchett, it seems a wonderful opportunity to get some of the talent assembled at the con to talk about comedy with something of an SF focus.

Comics as Art and Literature
Can comix and graphic novels claim to be art? Can they claim to be literature? Why do some people oppose 3-colour dithered pictures and talk bubbles? If we can get the opinionated people to turn up, it could be heaps of fun. A panel.


Modern Myths and Icons: The Vampires of Subculture
A discussion about ideas and personalities in SF and how they have drifted into mainstream society. Hopefully, this item will investigate the future of SF as it mainstreams its way into (non-)existence.


Science Fiction Sticky Moments
If you’ve seen the classic British TV quiz show, you’ll be cringing already.


The Mass Debate: Is sex better than SF?
Our assembled luminaries will pontificate on the topic. Perhaps they will enlighten all of us who have the wrong idea. Good shouting fun.

and that looks a good note to leave on.

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