SwanCon 18 – Progress Report Two: March 1992

Synopsised by Doug Burbidge.

The PR is A5, being A4 folded into a booklet in the usual fashion, making 12 A5 pages.

In a break from convention, the front and back page are in red toner. Where the hell did Comrade get red toner? Perhaps it’s magenta. (Checks with flashlight.) Nope, definitely red.

The front cover bears the name of the convention, the number and date of the progress report, “The Australian National Convention for 1993, Easter Long Weekend, Perth”, and the convention’s turtle logo. In red.

The inside covers and the interior sheets are all in black toner, as the FSM [Ed: Flying Spaghetti Monster] intended.

The inside cover is “The Con at a Glance”. “Accommodation bookings will only be confirmed and placed with the hotel upon receipt of one night’s deposit. Deposit cheques should please be made out to Swancon 18.” So this was one of those conventions where the concom mediated the hotel room bookings.

Page 3 is “Editorial From Beyond The Black Lagoon”. “The Ascot Inn has become totally booked out”, it says, which rather makes redundant the note on the inside cover.

Pages 4 and 5 are “Sally Forth To The Programme”. (Sally Beasley was programme co-ordinator at the time, though there was a seat shuffle after this PR.)

Page 6 and half of page 7 is “Witches Abroad: A Review”, by Dave Luckett. The remaining half of page 7 is “Who’s Responsible?”, a list of the committed. Also “Your committee has appointed Australian Airlines the Official Carrier for SwanCon 18”. I hope we got some good loot in return for that.

Page 8 is a list of upcoming conventions and a blurb for the writers’ workshop. Page 9 is an ad for Doug Thorp’s Valhalla Games and Hobbies, long since defunct.

Page 10 talks about children’s programming. Page 11 is an ad for Custom Colour, a print shop.

And page 12 is a Current Members list, showing 98 members.

In red.

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