SwanCon 18 – Progress Report 1 – Synopsis

Summarised by Elaine Walker. While we know this was published in 1991, prior to December, we do not know exactly when.

The first page gave a summary of the essentials for the convention:

Date: Thursday 8/4/93 to Monday 12/4/93 (the 1993 NatCon)

Venue: The Ascott Inn, Belmont, Perth (prices at the time were $65 per night)

Theme: Apocralypse Wow!

GoH: Terry Pratchett

FGoH: Craig Wilton

Membership rates: from $25 to $50 at time of publication depending on age.

Chairman: Dave Luckett
Secretary: Gigi Boudville
Treasurer: Tara Smith
Programming Co-ordinator: Sally Beasley
Front Desk Co-ordinator: Mark Bivens
Publicity: “Comrade” Cooper

The progress report contains such things as

The View From The High Chair (The chair’s introduction and review of the quiz night which places this at sometime after August 1991).

Ask Not What Your Programme Can Do For You … But What You Can Do For Your Programme – The usual pleading for people to contribute ideas, time, energy and interest in getting the program together. By Sally Beasley

As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap – A Not-Very Definitive Reaper Man Review – Dave Luckett’s review of the GoH’s book. A positive review (and if Dave doesn’t mind we may post it at some point).

Fun, Art, and Games – Information on the gaming and art activities, with of course the appeal for any suggestions.

Unexpected Guests – Information on the Guests and how the Theme of the convention came about.

Gary the Barbarian – A Quiet Afternoon … Turns into Terror! – Do You Know Someone Like This? – A humorous story, or perhaps a warning to DMs everywhere about Players Like Gary. By Jeremy Nelson.

The Oops Page – Sins Of Omission – Where the Publications person (presumably Comrade) apologises for some bits left out due to various technical hitches, and appeals for more articles, stories, fact, fiction, cartoons, adverts etc. Along with the opinion that the PRs shouldn’t be anything more than special-purpose fanzines, and it’d be good to get some more diverse items to print.

Also on that page was an indication that pre-supporters would get a discount on the membership upgrade.

Venue of the Apocalypse Information about the Ascot Inn Convention Centre.

Also some information about Upcoming Conventions (as of this PR). Which were

SynCon ’91: 13-15 December 1991 (Sydney)

SwanCon 17: 24-27 January, 1992 (Ascot Inn Perth)

The Contract: St Valentine’s Day (February) 1992 in the Adelaide Hills.

As well as the usual advertisements and membership list there were also a number of Illustrations spread through the Progress Report by Craig Hilton. I shall summarise them below:

Page 1: The four course menu of the Apocalypse – The various Horsemen peering down at a menu with “The Apocalypse” on the back with Death saying ‘I think I’ll start with the quiche.’

Page 3: The four frogmen of the Calypso – Four figures in wetsuits at the front end of a boat, a flag flying behind them, one of them holding out at arm’s length a fish.

Page 5: The Four Hoarse Men of the Apocalypse – Four players in a hard rock or possibly metal band.

Page 7: The Four Corners men of the Apocalypse – Death on his Pale Horse being followed around by a news crew including reporter, cameraman and soundman, and another of no particular job other than to try to get the interviewee to slow down. The journalist is asking ‘What do you think of the Apocalypse so far?’

There is also a slightly blank section of this page on the bottom right with a circle, a scrawled ‘Art goes here’ and signed Dave Luckett © 1991.

Page: 11: The four houseman of the Apocalypse – Four figures, the Horsemen, dressed in labcoats walking down a corridor in the direction of a sign with the word ‘Mortuary’ on it. Death is saying ‘Busy huh?’

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