Proposal for Business Meeting re “Roger Weddall Memorial Ditmar Controversy”

Transcribed by Elaine Walker. I have no idea where this idea actually went. Or indeed where it came from, though I believe that the best Fannish Cat was awarded again at one of the Dudcons as a subset of Aussiecon 4.

A Modest Proposal for the Business Meeting

SwanCon 18

It happens without warning, under no mans control. None can predict where it will strike or how often. Yes it’s the Ditmar Controversy! It is time to take the guesswork out and have a permanent, official Ditmar Controversy each year and every year. Let us not leave it to chance and ConCom whim to arrange a proper and fitting controversy but instead let us make a firm and binding commitment for now and forever to have

Roger Weddall
Memorial Ditmar

In honour of Fandom’s best Ditmar Controversers, the man who brought you the best Fannish Cat, Cane Toads and other Ditmar atrocities,

Vote Yes!

At the 1993 Natcon Business meeting

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