SwanCon XV presents: The Best of Progress Report 2

transcribed and described by Anna Hepworth

Amongst the other SwanCon XV ephemera is a single (double-sided) A4 sheet that claims to be the best of Progress Report 2. It starts:

Copies of this mini-report are being sent to everyone on our mailing lists (from previous SwanCons and other fannish organisations) who is not currently a member of SwanCon XV

It contains sections:

  • ‘A Few Important Dates’ – includes membership rates increasing, a planned open programming meeting, and assorted submission deadlines
  • ‘The Program: A passing glance’ – summarised by the author as “The program for SwanCon XV has been organised in three streams: one for the Main Programming Room (SWY Theatre – “MPR”), one for the Secondary Programming Room (National Theatre – “SPR”) and one for Miss Maud’s (Hotel and Restaurant) other other places ( – “TPR”). A brief synopsis of the first draft program follows.”
  • ‘Other PR2 Highlights’
    • Incorporation: A Very important Coordinator’s Blurb
    • Vice Is My Life: The True Confessions of Ann Griffiths.
    • WA Clubs in Brief
    • What Happened There: A look back at the Quiz Night.
    • The NanoCons – A Personal Recollection by Colleen Jenkins
    • A Brief, Accessible Bibliography of Terry Dowling by Van Ikin
    • Crystal Balls and Other Unlikely Prosthetics II.
    • The SwanCon XV Membership List
    • Artwork by Craig Hilton and Jeremy Reston
  • ‘The Committee at a Glance’ – what is says on the tin, complete with home and work phone numbers

Plus a final section, in surprisingly small font, listing the GOH (Terry Dowling) and Fan GOH (Grant Stone), the dates and location, and a mail contact.

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