Swancon XIII Progress Report One – December 1987

Transcribed by Chris Creagh & Anna Hepworth
Written by Stephen Dedman, Ann Griffiths and Don Griffiths
Cover art by Kira McKenzie which consists of two facing silhouetted rampant unicorns over what appears to be a swan made of hollow blocks – a tin duck perhaps?

[First & second pages of the booklet]

Party all night. Sleep all day. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be publicity coordinator for Swancon XIII.

Welcome to Progress Report I, being the end result of a death duel between Stephen Dedman and a microbee computer. For those of you who received our flyer, the basic information hasn’t altered beyond recognition: only the Australia Day weekend has been changed to protect the innocent (innocent? At a Swancon?).


The Convention will be held on January 29th to February 1st and will run from Friday afternoon to Monday evening. Due to an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine, this is not a long weekend, so the not-to-be-missed-on-pain-of-kicking-yourself events will be run on the Saturday and Sunday. Monday is officially declared a Dead Dog Day.


Westos Hilltop Hotel, South Perth. The site of several previous Swancons, recently renovated with eight function rooms available to use.


The Convention rejoices in two Guests of Honour this year; the Honourable DAVE LUCKETT and the Honourable TIM RICHARDS.


CONTROLLER:     Matthew Clarkson
SECRETARY:       Paul Stevens
TREASURER:       Ann Griffiths
HOTEL LIASON:     Greg Turkich
PROGRAMMER:     Don Griffiths
PUBLICITY:         Stephen Dedman

Committee members may be identified by the quantity of black custard adorning their faces on Sunday afternoon. Day Managers and Gophers are wanted, and will be given badges that don’t wash off so easily.


Attending:$30 until the Convention; $40 at the door
Supporting: $10

Room Rates

The rooms are a flat $52/night. Book with the Westos, not with the Committee: make cheques payable to “Westos Hotel”. First come, first served.


Rates for advertising in the programme book: $40.00 for a full page, $20.00 for a half page.


SWANCON XIII is NOT a relaxicon. Nor is it predominantly a fundraiser. It is the W.A. Annual Regional Science Fiction Convention, and intended to keep us awake until Swancon XIV, the prematurely notorious Natcon. Our Guests of Honour are second to none (not even to each other), and our programme is to be taken seriously (well, the version you see in the programme book is to be taken seriously. Anyone caught not taking it seriously can type the confounded thing next year).


A Draft Programme is included in this Progress Report. There are still some holes (black and otherwise), and anyone wishing to contribute should contact the Programmer, who will listen to any unreasonable suggestions on XXX XXXX (please don’t be nasty to the answering machine: we all have to make a living) or read anything sent to the convention’s mail address:

Swancon XIII

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