The Monotreme #1

Monotreme – the Aussiecon 3 Newsletter – Thursday Sept 2 am: Number One

being a single A4 sheet, printed double-sided. Our copy is bright green. The front page contains a welcome, details of the costume parade, definition of monotreme, and a Konica digital ad. The back page has a Trivia Quiz, details of a banquet and parties scheduled for that night, What’s on in Melbourne, details of ‘Damon Dark’, and a spruiking advert asking for contributions for the Monotreme to be delivered to the Newsletter Office, Level 3 Behind Info Desk


Welcome to The Monotreme, the daily newsletter of Aussiecon 3. The newsletter will appear twice per day during the convention, with the final issue on Monday morning.

It will contain news of what is happening at the convention, suggestions for making your stay in Melbourne as enjoyable as possible, and reports of the most interesting happenings. Most importantly the afternoon edition will contain information about the open parties that are being held that night. Parties are one of the most important features of a world con and you should not be shy about attending, even if you don’t know anyone.

The newsletter will be distributed at around 9:00am and 5:00pm from a number of points around the convention centre.

You are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter. Boxes for submitting contributions will be situated at the distribution points. Or you can come down to the Monotreme office on Level Three, just behind the information booth and type it up on one of our computers (but not between 7:00am and 8:30am, nor between 2:00pm and 4:00pm!)

Volunteers are also needed to help with the newsletter. Come and see us at the office. We need reporters, typists, perople who can do layount on a Mac using PageMaker, people to look after the printing, people to look after the distribution and make sure the distribution boxes are kept topped up with newsletters.

We also welcome suggestions for doing our job better. Use the contribution boxes mentioned above, or come and see us, but again not during the production period (as mentioned above).


(noun) A member of the Monotremata, an order of primitive egg-laying mammals restricted to Australia and New Guinea and consisting of only the platypus and the echidna. (From New Latin Monotremata, order name : MONO- + Greek trêma, perforation.)

American Heritage Dictionary

Costume Parade Entries

If you intend to be part of the costume parade, remember that entry forms must be submitted by Saturday 5:00pm. Entry forms are avilable at the Information Desk. Hall costumes do not need to be registered. There will be a meeting of potential Costume Parade entrants on Saturday morning. See the Costume Parade Noticeboard or Fridays Monotreme for more details. See Marc Ortlieb or Mitch if you have any questions.

Costume Parade Photographers

If you wish to register as a Costume Parade Photographer, please complete the form available from the Information Desk and submit it by 5:00pm on Saturday.
Marc Ortlieb.

Trivia Quiz

Each issue will contain five questions with the answers in the next issue. This is for fun only, and to impress your friends. There are no prizes. Do not submit answers. No correspondence will be entered into.

Q 01. What do these science fiction/fantasy writers have in common?
John Jay Wells; Philip Briggs; Andrew North; Simon Lang; William Lamb.

Q 02 Can you match the husband and wife (or ex-husband and ex-wife) pairs?

Isaac Asimov; James Blish; Avram Davidson; Edward Hamilton; Henry Kuttner; Fredrick Poul

Catherine Moore; Virginia Kidd; Leigh Brackett; Grania Davis; Judith Merrill; Janet Jeppson

Q 03 Which novels are these opening lines from?

(a) “At 19:00 hours, ship’s time, I made my way to the launching bay.”
(b) “Once upon a time there was a Martian named Valentine Michael Smith.”
(c) “I had reached the age of six hundred and fifty miles.”

Q 04 Can you supply the missing names for these intials?

J.R.R. Tolkien; C.L. Moore; A.E. van Vogt; George R.R. Martin; E.C. Tubb.

Q 05 What do David Book, Gordon Eklund, William Rotsler, David Brin and Arthur C. Clarke have in common?


Aussiecon Three is running a banquet on Friday at 8:00pm. The Banquet costs $50 for a three course meal, with drinks available at bar prices. Tickets are available from the Registration Desk.

Damon Dark

Episodes of the new science fiction series DAMON DARK will screen at the convention (see Program) It is also being shown on Melbourne’s Channel 31 next Thursday night at 11, and will continue for five weeks. It’s the best low budget SF series since Dr.Who/Blakes 7/The Tomorrow People were discontinued by narrow-minded TV execs who thought all SF fans want to see is flashy big budget FX and no brains (Ala INDEPENDENCE DAY, etc).Mind you, I am rather biased about the series, as I made it! Cheers!

Adrian M Sherlock,

Tonight’s parties

The afternoon issue will contain Party Announcements for that night. Here’s a bit of a preview of what to expect.

The Bay Area in 2002 Worldcon bid plans to hold its final two bid parties in the Centra Hotel, Bridge 2 Room, on Thursday and Friday nights of Aussiecon Three, from 9 PM onward. I’m not sure we’re going to party like it’s 1999, but I’m sure you’ll see a lot of happy members of the bid committee celebrating the end of three years of campaigning to bring the 2002 Worldcon to the San Francisco Bay Area. (Stop by our bid table to confirm time and location.) Remember to vote in the site selection election and to deliver any ballots you may be carrying for friends to the site selection table by the 5 PM Saturday deadline.

Room assignments and schedules are subject to last-minute changes — watch for party flyers and other announcements.

Kevin Standlee

What’s On in Melbourne?

The best way to find out is to buy the Melbourne Age newspaper on Friday. It has a supplement called the EG (for Entertainment Guide) which is the nearest thing we have to Encore or Time Out. It lists everything that’s on in terms of music, theatre, cinema and many other areas. The Age also publish a Good Food Guide and a Cheap Eats guide, which are both useful and obtainable at news agents.

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