Aussiecon 3, 57th World Science Fiction Convention, Progress Report #1 August 1997

Aussiecon 3
Thursday 2 September through Monday 6 September 1999
World Congress Centre, Melbourne, Australia

transcribed by Chris Creagh

The booklet has 32 pages including the front and back covers which are part of the numbering system. A brief outline is as follows:

Front cover outside: Anatomical drawings of skeleton and  profile of a 50 year old Red Hill Walker created by M. Pride. The particular features of note are the “Neck and head spines are keratin, similar to Porcupine quills, but flexible”, “Individual has eyelashes but no navel or external ears”, “Scapula is longer and angled downwards more sharply than human”.

Front cover inside: The usual contents list and mention that the Guests of Honour are Gregory Benford, Bruce Gillespie, George Turner.

Back cover inside and out: The continuation of the membership list which started 3 pages earlier on page 25 giving a total of around 1250 people and has more supporting memberships than attending memberships. The supporting memberships could have been purchased up to two years prior to the convention so people would have the right to vote on the location of the convention.

Moving from the back of the report, as you do…

Page 30: Promotion for the bid for 2002, 60th World Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge superimposed on a map of the world (the one like an orange peel only with Australia on the left, America in the middle and Africa and Europe on the right)

Page 28: Promotion for 2001 Worldcon in Philadelphia “The Millennium Philcon” – picture of a dragon looking over the shoulder of Ben Franklin (with kite) and young male friend.

Page 26: Promotion for Noreascon 4 in Boston in 2001

Page 24: Promotion for 2000 Worldcon to be held in Chicago

Page 23: Promotion for Torcon III Worldcon in Toronto in 2003 – picture of a beaver leaning on a beer can. Tagline: 30 years in the building! A dam fine city for a dam fine Worldcon!

Page 20: Article Standing On Foundations by Greg Benford about his writing in the Asimov Foundation Series.

Page 19: Promotion for Bucconeer 56th Worldcon in Baltimore 1998

Page 12: Article Judith Buckrich in Conversation with George Turner

Page 11: Membership rates, information about the dealers room and the convention site also the Weapons Policy

Page 10: List of Executive Board and Committee Structure

Page 8: Article about George Turner 1916 – 1997 by Judith Raphael Buckrich.

Page 6: Article about Bruce Gillespie by Bruce Gillespie

Page 4: Article about Greg Benford, Fan by Ted White

Page 3: The Chairman’s Message by Perry Middlemiss
and here we are back to the beginning again so it is time to stop so I can start another post transcribing some of the articles.

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