THE DAILY SINGNUS: SynCon 92 – No 3 – 20th April 1992

Transcribed by Chris Creagh

This issue of The Daily SinGnus was a single A4 page (single-sided), with a second (double-sided) page containing the Ditmar voting breakdown stapled to the back.

At Last The End Is Near
This is the final edition of SinGnus, because it is the last day of the convention. On behalf of the committee I hope you all had a good time and look forward to seeing you all at Swancon next year in Perth.


Last night was the SYNCON 92 awards night and saw the handing out Ditmars, a Bertie and sundry other prizes and awards.

The inaugurial A. Bertram Chandler Award for contribution to Australian SF was presented last night. This award sponsored by the ASFF was named in memory of Bert Chandler, one of Australia’s most prolific and best known SF writers. The recipient was Van Ikin.

The Ditmars were also announced, and a full break down of the voting can be found elswhere. The winners were

Best Novel or collectionWormwood by Terry Dowling
Best Short FictionAlone in his Chariot by Sean McMullen
Best Artist – Nick Stathopoulos
Best Fanzine – Eidolon
Best Fan Writer – Bruce Gillespie
William Atheling JrGoing Commercial by Sean McMullen

The Syncon Committee presented five awards for contributions to Australian Fandom. The recipients were
Jack R Herman
Eric B. Lindsy
Ron Clarke
Sue Clarke
Shayne McCormack

Finally the prizes for the Art Show and short story competition were given out
Short Story
1st Lyn McConchie The Third Storey
2nd Ron Ward Some Things Won’t Change
Encouragement award David Clancy

Art Show
2D Amateur – Alan Englert
2D Professional – Greg Bridges
3D Amateur – Kerrie Hanlon
3D Professional – Marilyn Pride

The Hujo presentation was soured last night when it was discovered that the awards for best fannish pet (won by Midnight), and the award presented to Michael Whelan, had been won by bribing the awards committee. Lum one of the other nominees for best fannish pet was apparently annoyed by this revelation, but was not available for comment as he was fast asleep, locked away in his cage.

The other awards went to
Best Fannish Rumour – Syncon 93
Most Traumatic Presentation – Suncon
Best New Novel By A Dead Author – Foundation – the Final Chapter by Isaac Asimov
The Award for No Particular Reason – Terry Dowling – We may as well give him another.

In a well attended business meeting The Constantinople bid for the Natcon was successful against no other opposition. The Convention is to be held at The Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne over the Easter weekend 1994. Attending M’ship is currently $80. The GsoH will not be announced until after the Media Natcon Site selection at HONGCON in June.

The Constitution was successfully amended to allow for up to 6 Ditmars. The Motion to delete the last sentence was defeated.

Rumour: Is it true that Nick Stathopoulos had an early morning visitation by the spirit of Isaac Asimov

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