The Daily Sinews – SynCon 92 – Newsletter No. 2 Sunday 19 April 1992

Transcription of the second newsletter for SynCon 92 which was printed on fairly thick paper that appears to be from the hotel. The back has ‘The Shore Inn Hotel’ with logo and address on the back. This is the second newsletter/conzine of which we have 2 and 3. All typos reproduced to the best of my ability. It was printed in two columns which I am doing as a single column below.


Unprecedented levels of interest shown

Amidst scenes of laughter and merriment the Syncon 92 masquerade was held last night to critical acclaim by some of those who attended, while the others disappeared to the Constantinople bid party before this reporter could interview them. Apart from the excellent turnout of costumes, including the youngest winner yet, the centre of the night was once again the inimitable Nick Stathopoulos who regaled and beguiled those who attended with his wit and repartee.

The winners were

Best Comic Presentation – Danny Heap, Paul Ewins, James Allen, Becky Tully, Jeanette Tipping, as The New Testament
Best Attempt at a Cover – Jan Macnally as The Rowan
Best Novelty act – Tully Jagoe – de la Hunty as The Dwarf Butterfly handler
Most Beautiful – Kerrie Hanlon


The Nominations for the Hujos have now closed and are as follows

Best Fannish Pet
Lum (ferret, multimedia star)
Midnight (stroked once, she’s anybody’s)
Leopard (cat of Womble & Gerald)
Danny Heap (no explanation needed)

Best Fannish Rumour
Syncon 93
Syncon 91
Sydney Fandom
The Art Show Is Now Open

Most Traumatic Presentation
Suncon Ditmar Awards
Robots on Film

Best New Novel By A Dead Author
Foundation – The Final Chapter
Mission Earth Part Whatever
Grumbles From The Grave

Award For No Particular Reason
Terry Dowling
  – Because he needs the humility
  – He might as well have another one
Rod Kearins
  – Tranquilliser award
  – For making the trains run on time – regardless

Other notable nominations included:
Honey I Shrunk The Ditmars for Most Traumatic Presentation
The Most Stupid Way To Get An Autograph – Chair A Natcon for the Award for No Particular Reason
“The Martians Develop A Flu Vaccine” by HG Wells for Best New Novel By A Dead Author
The Making Of Michael Jackson for Most Traumatic Presentation
Rego Desk Animals for Best Fannish Pet
The Cheque At The Palm Court for Most Traumatic Presentation
For Most Traumatic Presentation1. Danny & Nick Anywhere, 2. Terry & Nick Anywhere, 3. Terry & Danny Anywhere
For Best New Novel1. Triffids & Humans Reunite, 2. “Robots, Robots & More Bloody Robots” by I. Asimov


Voting will follow the Heinrich/Smith rules. Your first vote is free. Thereafter all votes will cost 50c with monies raised going to the fan charities.

Place your vote on a sheet of paper and hand it in at Registration

Voting opens at 10am Sunday and closes at 5.30pm. Winners will be announced and trophies presented as part of the Awards Presentation.

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