NanoCon – Octoberfeast

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, A4 sheet of paper, there are two versions of this, one very much basic typewritten, the other looking as if someone had access to desktop publishing software and a nice printer, or it was sent out to be published by professionals. The Octoberfeast heading is in a nice triple border oblong shape

Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-NANOCON!


Looking for an honourable way to avoid the Royal Show? A chance to recover from the Queen’s Birthday long weekend? A final fling before the exams descend upon you? Then come to York for Octoberfeast, the second Nanocon of 1989 (yes, even we’re into sequels nowadays, but the last one was so much fun…)

What is a Nanocon? It’s a cross between a long FM and a short Swancon, without the little hassles of panels, costumes, etc. It’s an excuse to escape from Perth for the clear air of York, count satellites and meteors at 3 a.m., have pillow-fights, play Illuminati and Trivial Pursuit and lots of other games, listen to filk, and generally relax with a group of friends. We provide the beds, you bring the sleeping bags; we provide the Chilli beef, the chocolate cake and the pancake breakfast, you bring…

Dinner: For this NanoCon, the organisers have decided to arrange a POTLUCK style of dinner. We will provide the main meat course, which will be Chilli beef. When you pay your $5 deposit, we will tell you what to bring as an accompanying dish: either a vegetable, sweet or another type of meat arrangement (small). You will be asked to provide an ample amount (the capacity of fannish stomachs gives a new meaning to ‘infinite’) for approx. 6 to 8 people. It will not be necessary to bring extra: hopefully will have enough left over for lunch. How you decide to present your dish will be left up to you; however in the interest of keeping the Kitchen at Faversham House clear, please bring your dish pre-cooked. If necessary, it can be reheated.

Where: Faversham House, Grey St, York
When: 14th-15th October
How Much: $5 deposit asap + $12.50 when you get there. Includes Pot-luck dinner, Traditional chocolate cake and pancake breakfast, and accommodation.
What to bring: Food (see above) and your choice of drinks. Games. Musical Instruments. Sleeping bags or equivalent. Telescopes. Towels. Lovers, friends, romans, countrymen…

Who to contact: Ann Griffiths (XXX XXXX), (Address given but not included here)

Bookings by: 23rd September 1989

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