Conviction – SynCon 88 – Non Progress Report 2 – Non-Editorial

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge, because he liked the title.


(SYNCON 88 – 27th Australian Science Fiction Convention)


Various details omitted


This non PR is to give all those unfortunate people who have not joined CONVICTION the chance to do so. We understand with the Christmas / New Year blechh, a con like this could be overlooked, and fair enough. The excuses, however, are now over. The time has come to loosen money belts, smash those hideous piggy banks for their coinage, threaten pensioners for their small change, and join CONVICTION. If you are reading this the odds are high that you are still a non member. Are you merely lazy or do you enjoy social alienation? The consequences of not joining this NatCon are too unpleasant to be revealed in a blurb that could be read by small children. You have been warned!

What follows is standard con hype for a definitely non standard con. Please note that this con is too wooden to support the DOOR for DUFF.

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