SUNCON '91: Progress Report No. One: About the Convention

transcription by Anna Hepworth of the first page (back of the front cover) of the SUNCON ’91 Progress Report No. One.

SUNCON: About the Convention

Suncon is the 30th National Science Fiction Convention, and the first to be held in Brisbane and will be held at Brisbane Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Brisbane from the 29th March until the 1st April, 1991 (Easter).

The present cost of becoming a member is $50.00 for an attending membership and $15 for a supporting membership. These rates will apply until Easter 1990. A supporting membership can be converted to Attending at anytime before the convention simply by paying the difference between the Supporting rate and the current Attending rate.

This progress report will introduce you to one of our Fan Guests of Honour, a brief rundown on the city of Brisbane and the Sheraton Hotel, and of course some information on our guest of honour. Our next Progress Report will introduce you to some of our committee who are well known in Queensland but few people south of the border would know them. Also some information on our second Fan Guest of Honour, some more insights to Brisbane and information concerning our Lit. Comp.


So you want to come to SUNCON but you can’t afford it, well here is your chance. For just $5 you could win $1000 worth of airfare to Brisbane. There will be a limited number of tickets so get in eary, as soon as they are sold the raffle will be drawn. Please enclose a SSAE for the return of your ticket.


Children under the age of 12 will be admitted free of charge provided they are, at all times, under an adults care. The parent(s) of the child who is a disturbance or nuisance and is not under control will be asked by the committee, to take him/her away.

Any child over the age of 12 will be charged a full membership as at time of purchase of that membership.

The Committee:

Patricia Anderson (Treasurer/Fundraising), Cathy Kerrigan (Guest Liason/Programming), Jan Andrews (Secretary), Eleanor Hallewell (Hotel Liason), Shane Morrissey (Publicity), Keven Sheehan (Videos), Carol Bredhauer and Hazel Dodd (Costume Parade).


So you want to advertise your upcoming convention, that special something that someone out there want to buy. Why not, for a minimal amount you can do just that. Prices and sizes as follows.

A4 $15 $30
½page $10 $20
¼page $5 $10
Deadline Mailing
PR2 1st March 1990 April 90
PR3 1st Oct 1990 Nov 90
PR4 5th Jan 1991 Feb 91

[Cover Art by Kathy Fraser. Printing and Layout by PATA. Clackavoid 5.]

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