Swancon XI — Con Book: Info listings 2

From page 25 of the Swancon XI program/souvenir book. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge.


Last year, members of the WA fandom were asked to nominate persons whom they thought worthy to receive an award for services rendered to WA fandom in the last ten years. This award arose due to the realization that ten Swancons had come and gone , and almost ten years with them. Oh ! How time flies………. As a result, the members of SWANCON 10 were asked to vote – the results were close but Grant Stone (of the “Faster Than Light Radio Show”) become the first awardee of the Silver Swan Award. He’s yet to be the recipient of the award – he’ll get his sticky fingers on it, at last, after the Banquet when all the awards will be given out.

We hope to make the Silver Swan Award a perpetual award – say with a minimum of three to five years residency with each person honoured with the award. After such time, a member of fandom can come forward and nominte further persons whom they think worthy – and it will be voted on by the WA fannish community.

We would like to call on WA fans, and any other members of the con, to donate money towards the cause as our finances are covered by SWANCON 10 money and by an anonymous donor. A donation tin will be left at registration.


No TIN DUCK AWARDS will be awarded this year, except the Chairman’s Award, as there has been insufficient fan productions in Western Australia.


The Gold-plated Caterpillars is an award that has been handed down from the steaming mists of antiquity and has been designed to produce the maximum embarassment to those who are unlucky enough to have their pecadillos exposed to the glare of public scrutiny. Nominations are kept secret for obvious reasons and only Paul J. Stevens can be held responsible.

picture in bottom third of the page of a dragonet and a girl looking at each other

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