SwanCon 4 (WayCon '79) – Program – Acknowledgments

Transcribed by Elaine Walker, faithfully transcribing all typos.



Leigh Edmonds and Valma Brown for attending our convention;

William Collins and Thor Enterprises for prizes;
Bandwest Media, especially Gary Powel, for their publicity help;
Uni. of WA Computer Club for Murphy(?);
A.C.P. for the offer of a computer;
Dr. Dan Milech for his lecture;
South Fremantle High School for ‘The Voyage of the Ark’;
State Film Archives for their films;
Ray Raspa for not only printing this, also for the posters, progress report and letterheads;

Tony Pearcy, Bob Ogden, Roy Ferguson, Ray Raspa, Annette Wilson and Leigh Edmonds for articles for the program;
Bevan Casey, Bob Ogden, and Caroline Strong for artwork for the program;
Ian Nichols for acquiring film and slide projectors, and teaching others to use them;
Iain Henderson for the sound equipment;
Caroline Strong for art displays;
Warren Hughes for the modelling display and competition;
W.A. Mil ‘Mod’ for displaying models;
Bob McGough for the Fanzine display and for recording the con on film for posterity;

Also to the Committee – Tony Pearcy (Beanbagman), Bob Ogden (Publicity), Roy Ferguson (Treasurer), Damian Brennan (Venue Organizer), Angela Donneley (Program Organizer), Sally Underwood, Iaine[sic] Henderson, and John McDouall;
and Bevan Casey for editoring the Program,
    Caroline Strong for typing it,
    and Bob Ogden for putting it all together.

The Typist thanks:

Tony, Roy and his computer, Leigh, and Annette for typed articles;
Ray for his neatly written one; Bob and Bevan – ah thinking – for atrocious spelling that made the job both hilarious and mind baffling (and Bob for moral support during the job).


Another C.O.G. Production

(the C.O.G. being in an interestingly angular font)

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