CIA ’zine 1992 – Editorial

Being a direct transcription of p1 of “Perpendicular Worlds”, the CIA (Curtin Imagination Assocation) club ’zine for 1992


The Editor

’ere we go, ’ere we go, ’ere we go. That’s right, its once again time for the wonderful literary comment from the person that you, yes you, got to edit your magazine for you. I have read all the articles, I’ve edited them, stuffed them all together and wasted my printer ribbon on them and now I’m making you read something that has nothing to do with it all.

Well actually, this has a lot to do with all the articles and I guess I should start by thanking all those who made submissions or who helped in some other way, but I won’t, I think I’ll start by abusing the people who failed to submit articles. Would that be acceptable, do you think? How would you start? Should I write a choose your own editorial? Should I stop asking rhetorical questions? Why don’t I get on with this?

How about we take it as read that I started with the right sort of comment and we’ll call the next bit “The second part of the editorial,” nice name isn’t it? Well here it is! I give you the second part of the editorial.

I’d just like to begin the second part of the editorial by saying a big thank you to all those who contributed to the magazine. The stories were great and I think this magazine has a lot more heart than the previous magazines and I can only thank the contributors for this. One of the problems in previous years has been that only a small handful of people have written for the magazine. This year a larger handful submitted to the magazine, but the articles seem to have become longer. While I was putting this all together, it looked as though Perpendicular Worlds would be an anthology of short stories.

The last two magazines showed the complete absence of Dark Future related articles and this magazine has several short stories from that genre. Of course these articles are the only real variants between this magazine and previous ones. As most of you have noticed, CIA magazines seem to have exactly the same articles in them year after year. They are written by the same people, who have written the same sort of articles in the same style as last time. I assume we change editors and titles just to keep you pathetic little readers coming back for more, new sounds, new graphics and you won’t notice that you’re still playing the same games over an over again. I almost called this magazine “The Dead Horse” because we just keep on flogging it.

But then I ask myself, What would happen if you were flogging a dead horse and a high level cleric came along and resurrected it (Or better still, raised it. After the last mag. we are now aware that resurrection only works on living creatures) would you continue to flog it?

This is an interesting philosophical problem which I hope I never have to face, but hang on, what’s that cleric doing to my horse? I’ll have to go now, something important seems to be happening.

handwritten at the bottom of the page is

Your CYOD is a bitch!
x Jim

transcription by Anna Hepworth, faithfully reproducing all typos and punctuation. On the other hand, random spacing has been completely ignored. 

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